viral and fungal diseases

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  • viral and fungal diseases
    • viral diseases
      • measles
        • symptoms; fever, red skin rash
        • spread via; sneezes and coughs
        • control of spread; vaccination as a child
      • HIV
        • symptoms; flu like symptoms, serious damage to immune system
        • spread via; sexual contact, exchange of body fluids
        • control of spread; anti-retroviral drugs, usage of condoms
      • tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
        • symptoms; mosaic pattern on leaves
        • spread via; enters via wounds in epidermis caused by pests
        • control of spread; removal of infected leaves and control of pests causing damage
    • bacterial
      • salmonella
        • symptoms; fever, cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea
        • spread via; food prepared in unhygienic conditions or not cooked properly
        • control of spread; improve food hygiene, wash hands, vaccinate poultry, cook food thoroughly
      • gonorrhea
        • symptoms; green discharge from penis or vagaina
        • spread via; direct sexual contact or exchange of body fluid
        • control of spread; use condoms, antibiotics
    • protists
      • malaria
        • symptoms; recurrent fever
        • spread via; mosquitoes
        • control of spread; prevent breeding of mosquitoes, use of mosquito nets
    • fungus
      • rose black spot
        • symptoms; purple black spots on leaves
        • spread via; spores carried via wind or water
        • control of spread; remove infected leaves, spray with fungicide


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