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How many societies did George Murdock study?
250 in the USA
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Name the four functions Murdock argued existed in the family
Sexual, Reproductive, Educational, Economic
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Explain the reproductive function
Provides new members for society
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Explain the educational function
Socialises its members into society's shared norms and values (primary socialisation)
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Explain the economic function
The family providing food and shelter for its members
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Explain the sexual function
Provides sexual gratificiation for the spouses. Husbandsand wife have the RIGHT of sexual access to each other
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Name the two functions that Talcott Parsons thought existed in the family.
The Primary Socialisation of the children, The stabilisation of adult personalities
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What were the two roles within the family according to Parsons?
Expressive leader, Instrumental leader
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What is the expressive leader?
The female role that is the caregiver and home maker
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What is the instrumental leader?
The male role that is the wage earner/breadwinner
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Explain Parsons warm bath theory
The mother creates a warm, loving and nuturing atmosphere that allows the family and adults relax and release tension
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What did Ronald Fletcher say about the traditional functions?
Claimed traditional functions such as care and education of children are now supported rather than removed
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What did Fletcher say was supporting traditional functions? And give examples
The welfare State. Through state schools, hospitals and welfare provisions
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What did Fletcher say was the cause of more divorces?
Higher expectation of marriage
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Mention a weakness for Fletchers theory
Considered that divorces meant they are unhappy and will not re-marry
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Name two weaknesses for Parsons theory
Ignores dark side of the family and family diversity
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Name two weaknesses for Murdocks theory
Only visited 250 societies and the Ik tribe prove his theory wrong that the family is not universal
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Name three functionalists
Murdock, Parsons, Fletcher
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Name the four functions Murdock argued existed in the family


Sexual, Reproductive, Educational, Economic

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Explain the reproductive function


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Explain the educational function


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Explain the economic function


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