Sociology- Family policies

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1. Which theorist talks about the introduction of health/education and housing policies have led to the development of a welfare state

  • Land
  • Fletcher
  • Murray
  • Parsons
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2. Which perspective disagrees with the children act policy?

  • feminists
  • neither
  • functionalists
  • marxists

3. What do Functionalists think of social policies?

  • Like them
  • Dont really care about them
  • Believe they create capitalism

4. Which perspective believe that the less the state 'interfere' the better the family life will be?

  • New right
  • Marxist
  • Feminists
  • Functionalists

5. what does perverse incentives mean

  • None of the answers above
  • people are rewarded for irresponsible behaviour
  • people are rewarded for following the policies
  • people are rewarded for good behaviour


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