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what is the defintion of family
This is when people are relate are related to each other by: blood,adoption,marriage
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what is the defintion of a household?
people living together in the same location: does not have to related by blood
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Extended Family
Three generations of blood related people living together
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This is caused by divorce.A parent lives with two or more children.
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Nuclear Family
Two generational blood related family memebers living together
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What do functionalist sociologists beleive about the family?
Purpose of nuclear family: Reproduction,Primary Socialisation,Norms and Values,
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What do feminists believ about the role of the nuclear family?
Identify it as negative.Contributes to the inequality between males and females.
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Agencies of Socialisation
Institutions we learn the norms and behaviour of the society we are born into.
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Beanpole Families
Multigenrational families: contain few members in each generation.
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Birth Rate
The number of live births per 1000 of the population per year.
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Family life revolves around the children of the family.
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Civil Partnership
Same-sex partnership legally recognized together
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Romantic partners live together without being married
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Conjual Roles
Domestic Roles performed by the wife and husabnd in the family
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Death Rate
The number of death per 1000 people per year
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Democratic Relationhips
Relationshios within a family:Based on Equality
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The systematic size of the population:Age,Size,...
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Domesric Division of labour
Ways chores are divided in the family
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In Family:Adult partners work in paid employment
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Empty Nest
In a Family:Children grow up and leave the home
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Family Diversity
Variation of Family types in Britain
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Fertility Rate
Number of chidren born per 1000 women
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Family based on male dominance over the family
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Married to only one person at a time
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Symettrical Family
Adult partners both do diffrent jobs:Both contribute to family life and household
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Reconstitued Family
Partners:One/two from previous relationships;with a child from previou relationships
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The way of life of: society or group including its:values, norms, beliefs and language.
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The process: we learn the culture and values of the society we are born into.
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beliefs held by a person/social group that build a set of norms.
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informal rule: guides our behaviour in particular situations.
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Sociologists:Look at how society works together
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Refers to membership of a cultural group
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Women taking responsibility for: domestic tasks, a full time job and emotional care
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Women taking responsibility for domestic tasks as well as a full-time job
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Conjual Relationship
The relationship between married or cohabiting partners
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Male dominated society.
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Primary Socialisation
Children are taught norms and Value outside of the Family
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The sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring
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Domestic Division of Labour
Term for housework and childcare, stereotypically the 'woman's job'
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what is the defintion of a household?


people living together in the same location: does not have to related by blood

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Extended Family


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Nuclear Family


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thanks so much such a good resourse


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A lone parent is a single parent 


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angel 123this is very helpful because I am in year 9 and I have an exam in 12 of june 2017 about the family in sociology.This will help me pass and get as such as A**.

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Matriarchal is female dominance, not male dominance, big mistake in the flashcards


it would make such a great difference if the grammar was checked before being submitted onto the website!

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