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What did Miri Song suggest?
Chinese families find their ethnic identity is central to who they are
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What did Ghuman find?
Found that Asian families raised thier children to be loyal and obedient
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What did Charlotte Butler suggest?
Muslim teens are extremely respectful to their family and that it is what shaped their identity, however some girls wanted to adopt a more western approach
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What did Gill suggest about the change in nature of ethnic identity?
Emergence of the Brasian whereby Asians are adopting a western approach along witth their own
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What did Goldblatt find?
British national identity is based on war, religion, georgraphy, british empire and monarchy
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What did sociologist Grafton suggest?
GCSE subject choices were made based on the students gender
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What did Kelly find?
Science based subjects are in favour of boys
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What did Becky Francis suggest?
Teacher expectations were based on gender. Boys more diciplined than girls
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What did Karl Marx suggest?
Class is based on economic circumstances and the division between the working and upper class people
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What did Pierre Bordieu find?
Suggests economic, cultural and social capital make up social class
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What is economic capital?
Finance and income of a person
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What is cultural capital?
Knowledge of the education system
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What is social capital?
The contacts people have with others
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What did John Scott suggest?
Many families practice social closure through the family by marrying off members to maintain an upper class position
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What does Plummer argue?
Whereby a male has accepted the label of being a homosexual and will seek others to join their culture
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What did Gillain Dunne suggest?
That lesbian households are much more egalitarian
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What does egalitarian mean?
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What does Neil Postman suggest?
The media constructs age identity, particularly childhood as it has been damaged by the media and in a result we have seen the emergence of a tweenager
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What did Stan Cohen argue?
The media creates a moral panic about young people as it sets the stage for future events
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What is a moral panic?
Whereby an event is exaggerated in the media to create panic amongst the public
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What did Songtag find?
There are double standards of aging in the media whereby women are expected to be youthful throughout their career but men are not
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What did Shakespeare argue?
Social and medical model
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What is the medical model?
That doctors define a persons disability and sees disability as a medical problem
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What is the social model?
Focuses on the barriers for those who are disabled created by society, for example access to buildings
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What does Goffman suggest?
If people who have a disability are labelled it will result in a self fulfilling prophecy
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What is a self fulfilling prophecy?
Becoming the label that has been given to them
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What did Miri Song suggest?


Chinese families find their ethnic identity is central to who they are

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What did Ghuman find?


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What did Charlotte Butler suggest?


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What did Gill suggest about the change in nature of ethnic identity?


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