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  • Social class and identity
    • Middle Class
      • Majority of the population
        • Upper middles, middle middles and lower middles (Fox 2004)
      • self employed
      • Very diverse
      • Own their own homes
      • University educated
    • Mackintosh and Mooney (2004)
      • The key feature of the upper class is their invisibility
      • They operate on social closure
        • Education, leisure time and daily lives are separate
        • Children will go to private school and take part in leisure activites
          • Hunting polo and opera
    • status comes from individuals recognition of socio-economic position relative to theirs
      • There is a new super rich which is achieved rather than ascribed
        • seen as more significant
    • Working class
      • Manual workers and those with trades
      • Hutton 1995- decline in trade union membership.
        • Eroded working class identity
      • Hard working, straight talking.
    • Underclass
      • People on benefits are blamed for the choices they have made
      • Murray 1984
        • School age raised to stop NEET children
    • Marxists-focus on class
      • Postmodernists-Reject class


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