Tripartite System
Grammer, secondary, technical introduced by 1944 education act all based on performance of the 11+
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1965-onwards...abolished the 11+, secondary and grammar...children attend local catchment area schools-streamed on ability
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Education reform act 1988
reduce state control, increase competition-policies promote marketisation-league tables, funding
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parents have a choice in how a school is run
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problems with the 1988 education reform act
inequality m/c = better schools...league tables=good schools in demand=m/c =more funding=better education
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Privileged local choosers
m/c=high economic and cultural capital
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disconnected local choosers
w/c lack of economic and cultural capital=nearest school
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semi-skilled local choosers
w/c ambitious for children and try hard to understand education system for children
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Action zones
additional resources given to help underprivelleged schools
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2012 coalition government policies
academies funding given to school and they choose how to spend it/all schools to be academies by 2020....Free schools-funded but not run by the state
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schools run/sponsored by private companies transfer of public assets...Ball=education is a profit for capitalism
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Social Solidarity
need of people to work together to make members feel they're apart of one body
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social solidarity within school
share of cultures, beliefs and with others, you wouldn't...respect hierarchy
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earning awards at a pupils own merit
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views specific to a family setting
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generalised expectations
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how schools are and aren't meritocratic
hard work+high achievers=more rewards, however high achievers/high class=always placed higher and rewarded more
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Role allocation
a device for selection demonstrating who is the most able..high achievers=most able=best jobs
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Althusser-reproduction of the work force
1) capitalism ideology 2) train workers to be submissive to hierachy
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ideological state apparatus
maintaining rules by containing values and beliefs
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repressive state apparatus
maintain the rule by bourgeoise threat
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Correspondence principle
school mirrors workplace=hierachy and rewards---social inequality legitimises everyone has an equal chance
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willis-the lads
culture opposes the system, took mick out of clever boys, found school boring, smoked & drank...shows similarities between boys and male manual workers, both find manual work=superior
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compensatory education
extra reasources used to help education in deprived areas-tv sesame street
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cream skimming
selecting high ability students to get best results
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silt shifting
off loading low ability students=expensive
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learnt, taken for granted ways of thinking, acting shared by one culture
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nike identity
w/c identity=unfavoured-so they wear labelled clothes to give themselves self-worth, feel authentic and earn approval...however teachers oppose 'street styles'
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black graduates earn less than white, E.M= forced into poor housing-deliberate discrimination in employment..teachers = radicalised expectations believe blacks = more discipline problems
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pupil identities
ideal=white, heterosexual achieve via high ability...demonised=asian asexual achieve via natural ability...pathoglised=w/c, black, low achievers
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Gifted and Talented
set of most able white = X2 likely to be in G+T than blacks
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New IQism
Teachers make false assumptions about students then stream them into sets..however there is no genuine measure of potential
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Teacher attention
Teachers=more time with boys=more attention=repremanded more
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Radical feminists
system=patriachal..sexual harassment(male gaze) continues at school..limitations of girls choice of subjects..males=more likely to be heads
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peer pressure
Paetcher-girls interested in sport=stereotyped as lesbians or butch...private single sex schools=less stereotyping
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1965-onwards...abolished the 11+, secondary and grammar...children attend local catchment area schools-streamed on ability

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Education reform act 1988


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problems with the 1988 education reform act


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