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-Paul Wills (1977)

-Learning to Labour 

How working class kids get working class jobs 

- He developed a distinctive , neo marxist approach to education , since he draws in the interactionist perspective 

- Rejects the view that there is any simple relationship between the conomy and the way education system operates as recommended by Bowles and Gintis

- studied Midlands school in england in 1970's . using participant observation and interviews he followed 12 working class 'ladds' through teir last year at school and into the first few months of their jobs 

- He studied the experience of schooling from the students perspective 

- He found that schools are not successful as bowles and gintis suggested in producing docile and conformist future workers

- It is easy to understand why middle class people would be willing to go in a secure and well paid jobs. However why would a young working class person would so willing in ending up in to a deas end low paid boring manual job 

Paul Willis' Learning to Labour 

 The Lads in willis' study saw educations irrelevent 

They were happy to  move into manual work in factories for which qualifications were not required

Willis saw a simililarity between

    -The counter culture

    -The shop floor culture 


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