Socialism - Key themes

1. What is the socialist view on private property?

  • Skoopyboopy
  • Seen as creating a stake in society, responsibility, respect
  • Seen as unjust, morally corrupt, and causes conflict
  • Seen as an important expression of individual freedms/natural rigths
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2. Which socialists advocate absolute equality/egalitarianism?

  • Evolutionary socialists
  • Reformist socialists
  • Marxist/fundamental socialists
  • Social democracts

3. Which divison of socialism hopes to narrow rather than eradicate class divisons?

  • Social democrats
  • ThirdWay socialists
  • Revionist socialists
  • Fundamental socialists

4. What type of equality do socialists favour?

  • Equality of inclusion
  • Equality of outcome
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Inequality

5. 3 reasons for socialist pursuit of equality

  • Upholds justice, underpins community, need-satisfaction
  • Upholds immoral ideals, disunites country
  • Leads to exploitation, racism
  • Helps to foster better human connections


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