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2. Which modern economist argued for a redistribution of wealth?

  • Friedman
  • Rawls
  • Thomas Piketty
  • Nozick

3. Which socialists advocate absolute equality/egalitarianism?

  • Social democracts
  • Marxist/fundamental socialists
  • Reformist socialists
  • Evolutionary socialists

4. Give an example of a consumer co-op

  • Mongdragon corporation in Spain
  • The 'Co-Op' group in Britain - members set strategy/share profits
  • The Tate museums - members set strategy/share profits
  • Poundland

5. Where has common ownership been seen?

  • Soviet Russia 1930s collectivisation of farms, Clause IV
  • Corbyn's 2017 manifesto
  • Right to Buy scheme by Thatcher
  • Mansion tax by Miliband


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