Social-Psychological factors

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what are the two social-psychological factors
agentic state and legitimacy of authority
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what does being an 'agent' mean
obeying the orders of others- not acting for yourself
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who proposed the role of the agentic state
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what motivated him
the trial of Adolf Eichmann - his defense was that he was only obeying orders
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what did Milgram conequently propose
obedience to destructive authority occurs because a person does not take responsibility
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what is significant about an agent
they experience high anxiety (morl strain) but feel powerless to do anything about it
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what is the opposite of an agentic state
an autonomous state
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what does someone in an autonomous state look like
behave according to their own principles - responsible for their actions
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what is the agentic shift
the shift from autonomy to agency
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why does the agentic shift occur
occurs when a person perceives someone else as a figure of authority with greater social status
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why would someone remain in an agentic state
binding factors
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what are binding factors
aspects of a situation that allow the person to ignore or minimise the damaging effect of their behaiour and thus reduce the moral strain they are feeling
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what strategies ight an individual use under binding factors
shift the responsibility to the victim or deny the damage they were doing
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what is legitimacy of authority
society accepting that certain people have power (parents, teachers, bouncers etc)
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what is a conequence of legitimate authority
the ability some people have to punish others
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how does this impact us
we are willing to give up some independence and control to those we trust to excercise authority appropriately
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when does legitimate authority become problematic
when it becomes destructive
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when was destructive authority shown in Milgram's study
when the experimenter used prompts to order pp to behave in a way that went against their consciences
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who's research support reinforces the agentic state and legitimate authority
blass and schmitt
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how do blass and schmitt support milgram
showed milgram's research to students and asked them who they thought was responsible. They blamed the experimenter
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how did their research reinforce legitimate authority
the students indicated the experimenter was to blame due to legitimate authority, as he was a scintist
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why is the agentic shift limited in it's explanations
can't account for all situations of obdience - it doesn't explain why some pp did not obey. It also can't explain Hofling's nurses as they did not feel moral strain
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what does being an 'agent' mean


obeying the orders of others- not acting for yourself

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who proposed the role of the agentic state


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what motivated him


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what did Milgram conequently propose


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