Obedience: social-psychological factors

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  • Obedience: social-psychological factors
    • Explanation 2: Legitimacy of Authority
      • Charismatic leaders use their legitimate powers for destructive purposes
      • Authorities have legitimacy through societies agreement
      • We hand our control of our behaviour over to authority figures due to trust and through upbringing
      • We obey people at the top of a social hierarchy
    • Explanation 1: Agentic State
      • Agentic shift occurs when a person defers to the authority figure
      • The opposite on an agentic state is an autonomous state
      • Binding factors reduce the 'moral strain' of obeying immoral orders
      • An agentic state occurs when we act on behalf another person
    • Weaknesses
      • Agentic state cannot account for the behaviour of the Nazi's
      • Agentic shift doesn't explain many of the research findings
    • Strengths
      • Legitimacy of authority is a useful account of cultural differences on obedience
      • Legitimacy of authority can explain real-life obedience
      • Agentic state explanation has research support


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