Social Key Studies

3 types of conformity. Compliance, Identification, Internalisation
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Deutsch and Gerard
Two process model of conformity. Need to be liked and need to be right
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Hotel guests shown signs '75% of our guests reuse towels'. Towel use decreased by 25%
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Likenbach and Perkins
Teens who were exposed to messages that the MAJORITY of their peers didn't smoke were less likely to take it up
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Wittenbrink and Henley
Ppts exposed to negative information about African Americans later reported negative beliefs about a black individual
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Students given an easy or difficult maths problem. More likely to conform if question was difficult and if they had low self-efficacy in maths
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Perrin and Spencer
Used science students for a replication of Asch. Less likely to conform as they had high self-efficacy. 1/396
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123 ppts viewed lines of different lengths. Comparison. Group contained confederates, ppts answered 2nd to last. Critical trials 12/18. Conformity = 33%. 50% conformed on 1/2 trials, 5% on every trial. 25% never conformed
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Studies have only used a limited range of majority, we do not know the effect of group size above 9
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Mori and Arai
Glasses changed how the lines looked. No one had to lie. No great change in conformity levels to Asch. (Convincing confederates)
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Cultural differences. Average = 31.2%. Individualist = 25%. Collectivist = 37%
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24 mentally stable male participants randomly allocated to either guard or prison role. Guards - given clubs, uniforms, reflective sunglasses. Prisoners - arrested at home, deloused, given prison uniform, ID numbers. Zimbardo = Superintendent. 6 days
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Asked students unaware for the SPE. Majoirty guessed correctly the results/purpose.
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Reicher and Haslam
Replicated SPE. 15 males, matched on key variables. Random Allocation. 8 days. Contradicted SPE
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Abu Ghraib
Iraq Military prison. Torture and abuse. Lack of training, unrelenting boredom and no accountability to higher authority -> abuse
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Milgram Procedure
40 male ppts. Ppts = teacher. Confederate = Learner. As learner made mistakes, electric shock given by ppts, increasing in 15V increments. Prods given by experimenter if they ppt refused 'the experiment requires that you continue' etc.
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Milgram Results
180V complained of weak heart. 300V screamed and banged. 315V refused to continue. All ppts went to at least 300V. 65% went to 450V. 400V = FATAL
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Orne and Holland
Suggest that the research lacked internal validity and that the ppts were not fooled by the set up
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Believers vs. doubters. Believers gave lower shocks
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Hoflings nurses
Nurses instructed by unknown doctor over the phone to give a patient 20mg of an unknown drug. Breaking two rules. 21/22 obeyed 'Dr Smith'.
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Found level of obedience almost identical to that of Milgram's 46 years later
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Milgram Variations
Proximity - same room, obedience = 40%. Location - run down office = 47.5%. No uniform = 20%.
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3 male researchers gave a direct order to pick up litter in NY. Dressed as either guard, milkman or civilian. Obedience = G 80%. M 40%. C 40%/
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Blass and Schmitt
Students shown a video of Milgram, said experimenter was responsible
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Kilman and Mann
Cultural differences. Germany = 85%. Australia = 16%
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In human-error caused plane crashes, co-pilot too reliant on pilot, didn't question them.
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2000 middle class white Americans. Investiated unconscious attitudes to other racial groups. F scale measured relationship between a personality type and prejudiced views. Those who scored highly on F scale identified with strong people.
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Milgram and Elms
Follow up of original study. Selected 20 obedient and 20 disobedient ppts. Completed F scale. Asked open qs about relationship with parents and attitudes to experimenter and learner. Found higher levels of authoritarianism among obedient ppts.
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Middendorp and Meloen
Less educated people are more authoritarian than well educated
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Right-Wing Authoritarianism. Conventionalism, authoritarian aggression, authoritarian submission
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Fake game show. Contestants inflicted electric shocks to other contestants. World Value Survey Questionnaire, which established their political views. Left wing = lower shocks
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Asch variation
Conformity dropped to 5.5% when one confederate gave a different answer
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Allen and Levine
Asch type study. Invalid support -thick glasses. Valid support - normal vision. Both reduced conformity.
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Milgram Variation
Obedience dropped to 10% when ppts were joined by a disobedient confederate
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Ppts had to produce a smear campaign for an oil company. 29/33 groups rebelled. Ppts were in a group so had social support
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Repeated Milgram. Measured whether ppts were internals of externals. 37% internals disobeyed. 23% externals disobeyed.
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MA. Positive correlation between LOC and Conformity
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4ppts, 2 confederates. 36 slides, all blue. 2 conditions. 1 - consistent minority. 2 - Inconsistent (2/3). 1/3 agreed with the consistent minority at least once.
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Jury situation. Compensation for a ski accident. Confederate put forward alternative amount. Only influenced group if consistent and compromised later on
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Montana Campaign
20% young people drunk drove. 92% thought their peers did. Campaign '4/5 don't drink drive'. Levels reduced to 13%
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Two process model of conformity. Need to be liked and need to be right

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