Key studies for Unit 2 Psychology

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  • Key Studies
    • Cohen et al
      • The correlational study between stress and the common cold.
    • Hildago et al
      • BZ's work best on anxiety than other anti-depressants.
    • Kahn et al
      • BZ's are superior to placebos.
    • Holmes and Rahe
      • The Social Readjustment Rating Scale.
    • Rahe et al
      • American Sailors.
    • Johansson et al
      • Swedish Sawmill
    • Kobassa
      • Hardiness - Control, Challenge, Commitment.
    • Friedman and Rosenman
      • Type A personalities are more likely to develop CHD.
    • Marmot
      • High stress jobs more likely to develop CVD.


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