Social distribution of crime and deviance by factors

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1. What type of crimes do the genders commit?

  • Hanji does MAD experiements, boys do boys, girls do girls!
  • Women dominate all offences, men do theft (shoplifting), rapid rise in male violence (still less than Women)
  • Men dominate all offences, women do theft (shoplifting), rapid rise in female violence (still less than men)
  • The same types of crime - depends on social class only
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2. What part does Social class play in crime and who says this?

  • Reiner Braun - Berty...NO!!!!!
  • Reiner - Middle class in prisons more, w/c white collar crime, m/c burglary and street crime
  • Reiner - Working class in prisons more, m/c commit white collar crime, w/c commit burglary and street crime
  • Nothing

3. What part does locality play for victims?

  • Residents of inner city and council estates - urban poor and elderly more likely to be victims of crime than any other social groups
  • Kanto protags lose ******* to rivals, Johto protags lose shorts to rivals, Hoenn gym leaders lose bongs and wives to Jenny and Ribbons to Harley, Sinnoh researchers lose swag to Rowan, Unova hosts lose playdoh like hair to Ash, Kalosians lose weight!
  • Residents of surbubs and rural areas - rural rich and young more likely to be victims of crime than any other social groups
  • The rich in all areas as good target for theft

4. What part does gender play in crime?

  • Fem titans crush churches with DAT ASS! Male titans eat peeps! Hanji does WAY worse!
  • 80%-90% all offenders female, 1/3rd of women likely to offend, only 8% men, ratio of 5:1
  • 80%-90% all offenders male, 1/3rd of men likely to offend, only 8% women, ratio of 5:1
  • Nothing

5. Why is Juvenile delinquency committed and by who?

  • Boredom, search for excitement, malice - Young people usually in subcultures or gangs
  • Money, search for boredom, malice - Old people usually in subcultures or gangs
  • Money, material goods, rage - Working class only
  • Young Quincys rage against Soul Reapers who steal their Quinces!


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