Sensory Pathways

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1. What mechanism do the centre/surround receptor fields exhibit? (These receptor fields are present in the dorsal column nuclei and thalamic neurones

  • Medial Excitation
  • Lateral Inhibition
  • Lateral Excitation
  • Medial Inhibtion
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2. The gracile nucleus conveys sensory information from the?

  • Lower limbs and lower trunk
  • Neck, upper limbs and upper trunk

3. Which rexed laminae surrounds the central canal of the spinal cord?

  • VII to IX
  • I to VI
  • X
  • VII

4. Brodmann's areas 1 and 3b recieve information from where?

  • Skin receptors
  • Muscle receptors
  • Joint receptors

5. What is the function of the dorsal horn of the spinal cord?

  • Sensory
  • Motor


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