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2. What mechanism do the centre/surround receptor fields exhibit? (These receptor fields are present in the dorsal column nuclei and thalamic neurones

  • Lateral Excitation
  • Lateral Inhibition
  • Medial Inhibtion
  • Medial Excitation

3. As the sensory pathways ascend, the receptor fields of the neurones become...?

  • More complex and smaller
  • Less complex and smaller
  • More complex and larger
  • Less complex and larger

4. The spinoreticular system shares what feature in common with the anterolateral system?

  • They both have their first synapse with the lamina V cell in the spinal cord
  • They both synapse with the VPL nucleus
  • They both synapse with the reticular formation

5. Which of the following sub-modalities is not processed by the somatosensory system?

  • Nociception
  • Head motion
  • Touch
  • Temperature


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