Section Two History Quiz

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1. What was one of the reasons the whites used to prove that the Indians were inferior?

  • They had not discovered writing or the wheel
  • They wore feather headdresses
  • They were Christians
  • They were nomads
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2. How did Indaians get metal goods such as cooking pots?

  • They made them
  • They sold skins to the mountain men
  • They killed the mountain men
  • They traded horses with the mountain men

3. What was the main use of the fur trapped by the mountain men?

  • Fur wallpaper
  • Fur hats
  • Fur handbags
  • Fur coats

4. Who first wrote about the Manifest Destiny, in 1845?

  • Joseph Smith
  • John O'Sullivan
  • John Lliff
  • Joseph McCoy

5. In what year did the first mountain men become guides for the wagon trains?

  • 1845
  • 1840
  • 1838
  • 1848


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