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2. What did the mountain men tell the people in the east about the west?

  • There was a profitable fur industry
  • There was lots of good farming land
  • The Indians were savages
  • There were good jobs

3. In what year did the first mountain men become guides for the wagon trains?

  • 1840
  • 1848
  • 1838
  • 1845

4. How did the travelling whites disrupt the Indian's way of life?

  • They stole the Indian's horses
  • They disurbed the buffalo herds
  • They destroyed the Indian's camps
  • They took all the buffalo for themselves

5. What was the term "whites" used to describe?

  • All the wite migrants who came across and on to the Great Plains
  • People from other countries who came across and on to the Great Plains
  • All people from the East and South of the USA who cam across and on to the Great Plains
  • The Native Americans


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