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the study of society in which we live in
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a group of people who have common interests
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the whole way of life of a group of people passed from one generation to the next
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a set of written rules saying what may and may not be done
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informal unwritten rules
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patterns of behaviour expected by a person in a situation
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Social Science
the study of society and the human relationships within it
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Social Policy
important decisions made by the government to improve conditions of people
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society controls us and what we do
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we control society through interactions with one another
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they are people who believe that society should work together in order to function properly
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believe that society is split into 2 groups (working class and rich)
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believe that men are superior
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Patriarchal Society
when men have ruling power
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Quantitative Data
data that is expressed in numbers
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Qualitative Data
data that is opinions and judgements and is written in a form
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the money received by a person in a period of time
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Vertical Mobility
working upwards in social class
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Horizontal Mobility
when you move somewhere else to get a better social class
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Meritocratic Society
everyone starts off being the same
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interacting with one another in a society
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Primary Socialisation
the interactions will stop with one another
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Secondary Socialisation
the interactions will keep continuing
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Feral Child
no contact with humans and brought up by animals
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channeling in a particular direction, done by gender and religion, during primary socialisation
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agreed reward for good and penalty for the bad
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section of government that is responsible for making laws
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section of the government that has the power to apply the law, includes the court system
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Formal Curriculum
students learn timetabled lessons
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Hidden Curriculum
things not taught in lessons
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Welfare State
the government taking responsibility for the health and financial well-being of the people
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Pressure Group
a group concerned with a single issue and applies pressure to change it
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Relative Poverty
when you're poor in comparison to others
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Absolute Poverty
when you have nothing, no food
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Social Stratification
the way different groups in society are placed at different levels
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Media Amplification
blowing things out of proportion by over-reporting in media
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Moral Panic
media coverage causes public concern
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people are aware of why and what you are doing
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you are undercover and people don't know what you're doing
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Social Survey
a collection of information about members of the population
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Official Statistics
a set of statistics gathered by the government
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clearly shows the type of people that are being researched
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means its true, gives reasons, in depth
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if repeated you would get the same results
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Snowball Sampling
when you choose a small group of people that are not contained in a sample frame, you give them questions and ask them to give it to someone they know of the same
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Opportunistic Sampling
gives random questions to anyone who's available
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Content Analysis
analyse context and makes valuable quantitative data
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Pilot Study
study on a small scale before main research is done
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Informed Consent
make sure respondants are aware of what you are doing
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Ethical Considerations
making sure that your research is not offending or harming someone
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Participant Observation
when you are actively involved in the group's activities as well as making records of what you see
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Non-Participant Observation
you watch and record everything but aren't getting involved in any activities
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looking at the whole way of life of a group
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checking the accuracy of data collected thorugh one method
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a group of people who have common interests



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the whole way of life of a group of people passed from one generation to the next


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a set of written rules saying what may and may not be done


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informal unwritten rules


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