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  • Family: Key words
    • Bread Winner: the person in the household who is the main income earner.
    • Family diversity: the idea that there are many different types of family structures
    • Extended Family: a family composed of the Nuclear family and other relatives.
    • Household:  All people living together in a domestic dwelling
    • Dependent child: a person living in the household who is under 16 years of age or aged between 16-18 and in full time education.
    • Nuclear Family: a family group consisting of the father, mother and their dependent children.
    • Generation: a group of people who live during the same time period.
    • Family: a group of two or more persons associated by birth, Marriage or adoption.
    • Matrifocal: a family organised by and focused on the mother.
    • Census: a survey of all people and households in the country, held every 10 years.
    • Cohabitation: Partners living together without being married.
    • Reconstituted family: a new family formed when two adults remarry or cohabit and live together with children from a previous relationship.


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