Other questions in this quiz

2. Where does the blood that comes from the lungs go through?

  • Pulmonary Vein
  • Aorta
  • Pulmonary Artery
  • Pulmonary Strings

3. Is the left side oxygenated or de-oxygenated?

  • Oxygenated
  • De-oxygenated

4. Which type of blood does the Pulmonary Artery carry?

  • de-oxygenated
  • oxygenated

5. What is the second chamber on the oxygenated side called

  • Left Atrium
  • Left Ventricle
  • Right Ventricle
  • Right Atrium


Freya's Insulin


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Freya's Insulin


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1 INT. CYBERSPACE Electric-neon netherworld. Pulsing chromatics over jet black.


3D lattice of routers, refractors, reassemblers... New, unused data OPTIK HIGHWAY routes radiate from all sides, crossing cyberspace.

X-Net Tactical Corps troops (herein X-Takks) patrol every inch.

2 INT. X-NET NEXUS - UNDER CONSTRUCTION DATA "TRAIN" enters. Sliver of RED DATA ENERGY shunt off, shooting into RANDOM MEMORY BUFFER - geometrically perfect lattice of PLASMA BEAMS and WHITE HOT intersection points.

X-Takks notice, moving to investigate.

DEEP IN THE LATTICE: Red data "uploads" into solid form. A RED FIGURE. We see from the back - infrared strobing DISK, etched metallic detail, lethal EDGES -

Then slowly he - IT - turns. Hardly a face, only data-hungry eyes, riveted to a TASK -

TRON 2.0. Seriously upgraded, over-clocked, armed for trouble. The friendly hero we once knew has been re-programmed into a ruthless cyber-ninja.

X-Takks search ten story gantries.

TRON springs into the lattice, dodging PLASMA BEAMS, avoiding detection. Slips into:

3 INT. NEXUS MAIN SHAFT X-Takks on high alert.

TRON slips down main shaft, freezes, confirms data. Darts behind MAIN POWER SUPPLY.

Pulls his DISK. DISK opens, extends oscillating DATA KEY.

(CONTINUED) 2 3 CONTINUED: TRON inserts key in and ENCRYPTION PANEL. Circuits energize. Shockwave quakes system.


X-TAKKS Intruder! Fix coordinates!

POLICE POUNCE, FIRING. Tron pulls hyper-disk off his back and HURLS IT -

DISK strikes cop, fries his circuits. Disk ricochets, brutally accurate, takes out three more Police -

TRON flips into the air - His DISK boomerangs straight for him. Certain death. But his timing is inhumanly accurate. DISK docks on his back midair, lands and bolts.


TRON flips away, chased by firing X-Takks -

Arriving on the scene - split-second response:

Elite team of X-NET SECURITY AGENTS, lead by:

RX23 SECURITY LEADER (Cyber-twin of our real-world hero RUSH).

TRON jumps down MAIN SHAFT - a thousand stories. Riding his DISK as a heat shield dodges X-Net fire, swerves into a DATA CHANNEL - RX23 and a pair of his AGENTS hop on PULSE RIDER vehicles, hotly pursuing TRON.

TRON PLUNGES onto a DATA HIGHWAY - speed out of NEXUS, hurls across cyberspace.

AGENT 1 This is the first time an Intruder has broken into X-Net!

RX23 LEADER And it's the last. Follow him! Shut him down!

They speed onto the OPTIK HIGHWAY. 3

4 INT. X-NET OPTIK HIGHWAY Broadband, light-speed OPTIK HIGHWAY. Empty, except for:

TRON - accelerating, escaping.

Rx23 and AGENTS catch up fast on Pulse Rider Vehicles.

TRON throws his disk. Blings off Agents - triggers CRASH. PLASMA BLAST rips open highway wall.

Rx23 emerges unscathed, pursuing.

5 EXT. CYBERSPACE - ANCIENT SYSTEM ZONE TRON leaps out blast hole, recovers his disk, vanishes into ANCIENT SYSTEM ZONE. Rx23 roars after him, riding hard, joined by:

Airborne SEARCH ENGINE vehicle, piloted by a dumpy nerd program called KROD.

KROD I got a lock. Coordinate 32937!

RX23 I'm on him!

RX23 chases Tron into a dark canyon. Hairpin turns and blind curves. RX23 arrives a junction. Tron has vanished.

RX23 Which way did he go?!

6 INT. ENCOM CORPORATION BETA TEST LAB - DAY Rabbit warren of computer programmers in crisis mode.

A head shoots up from a cubicle. It's Rush Nortebi, 23, computer security expert. Real world version of the RX23 program. His cubicle is jammed with racks of vintage and bleeding-edge computer gear.


Dozens of programmers work feverishly to track the system intruder. Everybody's stumped. Dangling from desk lamps, the company toy: Conical pyramid with a square stuck on top, labeled "X-NET RULES!"

(CONTINUED) 4 6 CONTINUED: RUSH Come on guys! Nobody hacks X-Net. You gonna let him get away?!

MILES Rush, I think I found him!

In the adjacent cubicle: Overweight ultra-nerd MILES RABBISH - real world version of cyberworld Krod.

MILES Check the old game grid!

Rush jockeys an old Apple LISA computer. On screen: a crude old vector graphics game grid.

A RED FIGURE steps appears the grid.

RUSH You get a cookie, Miles!

Programmers gather to watch Rush in action.

7 EXT. CYBERSPACE - THE OLD GAME GRID Vast, low-rez, uncool, largely forgotten.

TRON pulls a LIGHT WAND from his legging, grips it. A TURBO- CHARGED LIGHT-CYCLE rezzes up beneath him. He fires his LIGHTCYCLE. ZIP, he's gone.

Onto the grid blasts RX23, speeding on his Pulse rider. He skids and swerves, learning the funky surface.

Search Engine flies onto the scene, hovering overhead.

KROD Coordinate 6532.02! There he goes!

The chase is on.

TRON escapes across the vast grid-plane, head down, eyes hollow. He gains speed, retreating to somewhere...

RX23 surges on his Pulse Rider, closing the gap.

8 INT. REAL WORLD - ENCOM BETA TEST LAB - DAY Rush gets the hang of this old game.

RUSH I haven't played this since I was 4. But I was mighty awesome.

(CONTINUED) 5 8 CONTINUED: RED LIGHTCYCLE turns hard 90 degrees, Rush maneuvers to counter.

Co-workers lean over the cubicle walls from all sides:

RUSH Score an ID on this leech?

MILES Negative. He's nobody.

KELTER Rush, you've gotta nail him.

PHLEGMAN Or you know we're all fired.

Rush baits the RED LIGHTCYCLE. It anticipates his every move, goading him, tailing him.

MILES Whoa, Rush! I groked a pattern in his moves! Fake left, go right!

9 INT. CYBERSPACE - GAME GRID Search Engine flies overhead - Krod locks on Tron.

RX23's Pulse Rider pulls the move, surges up beside red lightcycle.

Tron pulls away, baiting his opponent.

10 INT. ENCOM CORPORATION BETA TEST LAB - DAY MILES You got him on the run, dude!

OTHERS Crash him! Rush RUSH RUSH.

RUSH hits keys, jockeys mouse. Feeling good. Shifts drive status to: "TURBOJECT".

11 INT. CYBERSPACE - GAME GRID RX23's Pulse Rider SCREAMS, gaining on Tron. Neck-and-neck.

But Tron suddenly brakes, quitting the chase.

RX23 is puzzled. Looks forward. Eyes spring wide. 6

12 INT. REAL WORLD - ENCOM CORPORATION BETA TEST LAB - DAY Rush's screen: His Pulse Rider speeds straight for the rocks.

RUSH Yikes!

13 CYBERSPACE - GAME GRID Pulse Rider smashes into rocks, RX23 pulverizes to neon bits. Electro SHOCKWAVE sears across game grid. Search Engine freezes overhead, glitches and CRASHES like a blimp.

All goes white - snow crash.


NERDS FUBAR! Bad Thing! Flame War!

RUSH Miles. Did you get a trace on him?!

Miles stares at his blank screen. Blinking. Every screen in the lab is blank.

PHLEGMAN We are so screwed.

KELTER Who tells the boss?

All eyes land on Rush.

RUSH Get the system back up! Now! Move!


X-Net PR TEAM preps a media extravaganza. Shirt logo: "X- NET = TOTAL DATA SECURITY" Banners, video projections, music.

X-NET PUBLIC RELATIONS VP leads entourage on a preview.

7 15 CONTINUED: PR VP Weather is holding. Dress rehearsal on for 6PM. In the morning, we let the press in for a 7AM tech set-up, then you go live worldwide 9 AM sharp.

Staff defers to: GORDON SINCLAIR (45), boyish, ruthless, brilliant CEO of Encom Corporation.

SINCLAIR Delay the press until 8:30. I'll taking the stage at 8:50. Force a network break-in. Then it's news.

He catches something on a video screen, snaps his fingers.

SINCLAIR Play that again.

Crew murmurs on headsets. Promo video replays:

VIDEO PLAYBACK X-Net deploys radical software design, constructs proprietary white-hot firewalls, unleashes virus killer apps. Creating the most secure data network in history. Your data can never again be hacked, corrupted, stolen or destroyed. X-Net is the final solution, totally guaranteed 99.999% secure data transmission -

SINCLAIR Who changed that? Who put "99.999"?

X-Net executives chill.

PR VP Um, that would be... Legal.

Eyes land on withering LEGAL VP.

SINCLAIR Change it back to the way I wrote it. With the launch of X-Net, this company guarantees one hundred percent secure data transmission. If we can't deliver on that promise, we deserve to be out of business.

Rush appears from a building. Signals Sinclair aside.

SINCLAIR What can't wait, Rush?

(CONTINUED) 8 15 CONTINUED: (2) RUSH Um. X-Net was just breached by a hacker.

SINCLAIR goes pale.

RUSH System's back up, no permanent damage, but... But whoever's behind this, they're good, and they're still out there.

16 INT. SINCLAIR'S OFFICE - DAY Sprawling, big bucks, basketball hoop.

Sinclair enters, alone. Closes door. Uses a retinal scan ID to access his computer. Secure connection opens. As he speaks, text instantly appears:

SINCLAIR Identify the intruder.

17 EXT. CYBERSPACE Flashing circuitry, machine code bit-storm. We follow Sinclair's text message data stream

Min-blowing cyberspace fly-over.

DATA BEAM penetrates a towering shaft, reaching deep inside the MASSIVELY FORTIFIED X-NET CENTRAL SERVER.

18 INT. CYBERSPACE - X-NET CENTRAL SERVER / INNER SANCTUM LONE FIGURE stands clothed in flashy cyber-armor: Fluid photons, oozing high-rez circuitry.

It's PLEXOR, cyber-twin of real-world Sinclair.

He crosses into an round inner sanctum. DATA STREAM radiates from above.

PLEXOR stands in the center, pulls his DISK off his back, raises it above his head.

Data stream converges onto disk, becomes a tight RUBY RED COMMUNICATION BEAM. Plexor's eyes decode transmission. Text races across his eyes: IDENTIFY THE INTRUDER.

(CONTINUED) 9 18 CONTINUED: PLEXOR Identity not captured.


19 INT. REAL WORLD - SINCLAIR'S OFFICE - DAY Other side of the link. Real-world Sinclair reads text as it appear on his office screen: IDENTITY NOT CAPTURED.

SINCLAIR How did he enter X-Net?

His text inputs. Answer comes: "Path untraceable"

SINCLAIR How could you let this happen?

20 INT. CYBERSPACE - PLEXOR'S INNER SANCTUM Plexor processes the input - remains emotionless.

PLEXOR I do what you programmed me to do. I am constructing X-Net.

21 INT. ENCOM CORPORATION - SINCLAIR'S OFFICE - DAY SINCLAIR New instructions - find and destroy the intruder!

Text reply: "Resource allocation reconfiguration required. Estimated delay to X-Net construction: 46.4 hours."

SINCLAIR No. We can't delay the opening of X- Net. Disregard my last command. Maintain construction priority.

Sinclair cuts off the contact, pressure mounting.

22 INT. CYBERSPACE - PLEXOR'S INNER SANCTUM Ruby beam goes dark. Plexor lowers his disk. His eyes are cold, his confidence supreme.

23 INT. ENCOM CORPORATION CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Crisis management team assembles. Nervous X-Net Senior Staff.

(CONTINUED) 10 23 CONTINUED: Rush arrives late, out of breath, determined. Joins Phlegman and Kelter.

RUSH System is stable again, keep you fingers crossed.

PHLEGMAN Any luck finding the intruder?

RUSH Don't ask.

RUSH notices across the room: Brilliant, beautiful MEGAN RANDALL, his age. Her security ID: "LEVEL BLACK".

RUSH What's she doing here? This is an operations meeting.

KELTER You and Meg still, eh... At it?

RUSH There was never anything between us.

Kelter and Phlegman trade a look. Sure.

RUSH She's Advanced Projects. This has nothing to do with her.

Sinclair storms in. Room falls silent.

SINCLAIR This company's existence depends on the flawless launch of X-Net in twenty- two hours, fifty-one minutes. Now somebody - some hacker, some competitor, somebody - just proved they're smarter than us. Breaking into X-Net is theoretically impossible.

Everybody looks at Rush.

RUSH This creep's the best I've ever seen. He crosses platforms, cracks 128 bit encryption, cloaks every move, never leaves a trace.

SINCLAIR When you find him, I'll be sure to hire him.

11 23 CONTINUED: (2) Chuckles around the room. Mood chills: Sinclair's not laughing.

SINCLAIR Boys and girls, we cannot sell a secure network that is not secure.

PR VP We delay the launch.

SINCLAIR And the world assumes we've got a faulty product. And they'd be right.

KELTER We ramp up our encryption schemes -

PHLEGMAN Thicken all firewalls -

RUSH We can't win playing defense. And it's a bigger job than just swatting an intruder program. Somewhere, there's a human mind behind this thing. We have to get to that User and shut him - or her - down, or the game never ends.

Meg listens quietly. Studies Rush.

SINCLAIR What do you need, Rush?

RUSH 20 guys for 20 days -

SINCLAIR We don't have 20 hours. This problem needs to be gone before tomorrow 9AM. Come on people, this company's future is at stake! It's time to think without a box!

Minds ponder grimly. Finally, a lone VP rises. It's RUDY, the company Archivist.

RUDY At a time like this, let's seek inspiration in the past. We should ask ourselves: What solution would spring from the inspired mind of our departed leader, Flynn.

(CONTINUED) 12 23 CONTINUED: (3) He's got an obituary photo of FLYNN, Encom's legendary previous - and deceased - CEO.

Groans around the table. Execs rolls their eyes, disses Rudy's idea. Flynn has become a stale company joke.

Rudy sheepishly sits.

But Sinclair stops behind Rudy, eyes fixed on the photo of Flynn. An idea takes hold. He looks to Meg.

SINCLAIR Is the QF-401 is operational?

MEG Um... Midway into phase one testing.

Confusion among execs. Nobody knows what a "QF-401" is. Not even Rush.

SINCLAIR If we can't fight this intruder from the outside, then maybe we need to fight him from the inside.

Meg's mind races.

MEG I'm ready to do my part.

SINCLAIR This company needs a hero. Who among you is the smartest, most resourceful and courageous?

Looks trade around the table. Meg slowly rises, indicating her choice.

MEG Who else could it be?

She's singled out Rush.

24 INT. ENCOM CORP CORRIDOR - SECURE ELEVATOR - DAY Meg leads Sinclair and Rush to a SECURE ELEVATOR. Her retinal scan ID opens the door. They step in.

25 INT. ENCOM SECURE ELEVATOR - GOING DOWN - MOMENTS LATER RUSH Somebody going to tell me what I've been volunteered for?

(CONTINUED) 13 25 CONTINUED: SINCLAIR Rush, you're the only one I can trust to eliminate the intruder. But you won't be doing it the way you thought. Meg's been working on something down here that's, well... Beyond Top Secret.

Rush drills a look at Meg, but she keeps it all business.

26 INT. ENCOM ADVANCED RESEARCH LAB - MOMENTS LATER Out the elevator, Meg leads them into a maze of ultra-tech gear.

MEG This is where Flynn worked. And where he died.

Amid sleek new equipment, there's a glass cabinet housing a CHARRED REMNANT of strange machinery.

SINCLAIR Meg has reconstructed Flynn's last project. This time it works.

Mega signals lab assistant DEWEY. He pokes buttons: A MASSIVE TECHNICAL DEVICE unfolds and boots up.

RUSH You didn't pick this up at Circuit City. What is it?

MEG A Quantum Digitizer. Prototype, only one of its kind. Flynn designed it to break down physical objects into high resolution data. Luckily, we salvaged his key components and back-engineered the system.

She opens a cage, places her LAB RAT (Jo-Jo) on a target stage. Dewey boots controls, presses commands. Beam array scans the rat into the computer, forming a 3D rat-image on screens, dematerializing the physical rat. Device revs down.

Rush runs his hand over the empty target stage.

RUSH That's... Not possible.

Lab rat has vanished from the physical world. Its digitized image rotates on monitors.

(CONTINUED) 14 26 CONTINUED: MEG Flynn was trying to take it one step further. He wanted to transport a human being into cyberspace.

RUSH You mean the urban legends? A computer sucked Flynn into cyberspace a long time ago.

SINCLAIR We think it happened.

Meg agrees. Rush gets a chill.

SINCLAIR It was a fluke. But Flynn worked for years, down here, trying to make it happen again. One day a test went bad. A plasma reaction destroyed this lab. Flynn was reduced to ash.

Rush views the charred remains in the glass case. Photos of the destroyed lab. Spooky evidence of a hellish death scene.

RUSH I was never told how he died. It was all just weird, you know, because Flynn's the guy who hired me. But he was strange, kept to himself, I didn't know what job I was supposed to be doing. (to Sinclair) Then you came onboard, the company woke up, we had a direction. It was kind of pathetic, because by the time Flynn died, everybody was too busy to care.

SINCLAIR He was brilliant in his way, but genius without discipline leads to nothing. His reckless habits nearly ruined this company... And for sure got him killed.

A last look at the charred remains of Flynn's machine.

MEG That kind of accident can't happen again. We've upgraded the system in ways Flynn never could. The chips didn't exist until now.

(CONTINUED) 15 26 CONTINUED: (2) She presses commands. Beams re-materialize the lab rat on the target stage. Jo-jo is as good as new.

MEG Hey, Jo-Jo. Have good trip?

She puts the rat in on her shoulder, feeds it a tidbit. Then she scrutinizes Rush.

Rush considers Meg, then turns to Sinclair.

RUSH You want her to send me into cyberspace to catch that jerk who hacked us?

SINCLAIR The future of this company depends on it.

Rush looks to Meg. She offers a reassuring nod.

RUSH You can bring me back okay?

MEG Ask Jo-Jo.

Lab rat is perched happily on her shoulder.

SINCLAIR Destroy the intruder by 9AM tomorrow, Rush. I know if anyone can, it's you. I've had my eye on you for a long time. Score this hit and I'll make you my full partner in this company.

Rush is awe-struck. Ready, willing, able. He shakes Sinclair's hand, sealing the deal.

RUSH I won't let you down. Let's do it.

Meg removes target stage, swings a custom TARGET CHAIR in place. Rush lowers in place. Meg buckles him in. Last chance for a private word:

MEG I promise I'll get you back safely by 9AM tomorrow. But you have to promise me something too -

(CONTINUED) 16 26 CONTINUED: (3) RUSH You're a piece of work. You dumped me because you said I was too much about the company's needs and not enough about yours. Well here we are, the company needs their best guy, and you just can't admit how much to hurts to nominate me.

MEG This bigger than us, Rush. Listen to me. I don't know what you're going to find in there, but whatever it is, promise you'll follow your heart and do the right thing.

Rush stares at here, in shock.

RUSH Oh. So you think I have a heart?

Meg breaks away, retreating to the controls with Sinclair. Rush's trails her with his eyes - he can't stop looking.

RUSH (under his breath) I promise.

Meg initiates Quantum Digitizer sequence.

Rush watches PULSING CHROMATIC LIGHT build down the unit's column, coming toward him.

Plasma strobes CYAN/MAGENTA. Unit HUMS... Then GROANS WILDLY. Flashes randomize. Something's off balance -

Meg worries. Moves for the "abort" button.

DEWEY It's overloading!

Unit sparks. Ceramic components STRESS and CRACK.

Rush clenches his seat, terrified.

RUSH What's happening?!

MEG System is losing stability!

Sinclair sees: Monitor sounds company-wide alert: "X-NET BREECH! INTRUDER DETECTED!"

(CONTINUED) 17 26 CONTINUED: (4) SINCLAIR There's been another breech!

RUSH It's the Intruder again!

MEG We have to abort!

SINCLAIR We might not get another chance!

RUSH DO IT! Sinclair pulls Meg's hand from the "abort" button and slams his hand on "DIGITIZE".

BEAM ARRAY scans Rush's body, reducing it to bits -

Meg worries -

Sinclair dives for cover -

PLASMA BALL engulfs Quantum Digitizer.

FINAL BITS of Rush scan away.

Plasma ball FRIES the unit. Breakers trip. Power fades.

Meg and Sinclair come up to find:

Quantum Digitizer: In a smoking heap.

Target chair: Empty.

27 EXT. CYBERSPACE TRANSITION Light-speed thrill-ride, hurling into digital chaos.

Rush's electrified body hurtles across the void, eyes filled with TERROR and AWE.


28 EXT. CYBERSPACE - X-NET CENTRAL SERVER Shimmering bits morph into an awesome cyberscape.

Rush enters this bizarre world - CRASH/FLASH - stranger in a strange land. Data energy ZAPS off his body, interacting with the landscape circuitry around him. He fights it, tries to control it.

18 28 CONTINUED: Rush stands, beholds the place. Looks at his hands and arms, clad in circuitry. He finds he had landed outside:


He turns, looks up a FIREWALL. Hundreds of X-Takk Troops hurry to look down. FIRING WEAPONS.

A FIGURE comes at him, down the wall, STREAKING RED.

BLAMMO! TRON lands on a plateau above Rush, gazing down.

They face each other, equally perplexed.

Rush is no longer human, but not quite a program either. Energy zaps off his body, infusing the surrounding circuitry.

Tron stares, unblinking - Cyber-Ninja.

RUSH It's YOU! The intruder!

Rush's body circuits PULSE with anger - data surges out his feet, across floor circuitry, up to the plateau. Energy interacts with Tron's body circuits, siphoning off bits of code.

Code races across Rush's eyes. Identification data.

RUSH You are... TRON?!?

X-Takks hustle onto the scene.

Tron leaps off the plateau, cutting the data connection. He whips his disk off his back and THROWS.

Disk SLAMS Rush in the gut, knocks him flat.

RUSH ARRRGHH! X-Takks pursue Tron -

Tron recovers his disk - vanishes in an OUTBOUND DATA STREAM, losing his pursuers.

X-Takks pull Rush to his feet, shocked.

X-TAKK 1 RX23?!

19 28 CONTINUED: (2) X-TAKK 2 But... You crashed irrecoverably!

RUSH Uh, well, I'm not exactly -

X-TAKK 3 RX23 has been rebooted!

VOICE RX23 reboot was not authorized!

Pushing through Police: A sleek, smart cyber-babe MEGA. (She's Meg's cyber-twin: Twice the edge, half the patience, all the curves.)

Rush is awed by the sight of her.

RUSH Yow. I know who programmed you.

MEGA I am Mega, X-Net Intelligence.

RUSH Mega. Cool. I am -

MEGA A spy? Posing as RX23? Under which register were you rebooted?

RUSH I'm a User.

Mega and X-Takks look at him like he's crazy.

MEGA Detain this impostor.

X-Takks move to seize Rush.

RUSH No wait, look. We're on the same side here. I got an ID on the intruder!

Mega touches Rush, exciting his energy flow. She reads data streaming in his eyes - TRON'S ID info.

MEGA "Tron"?

X-TAKK 2 How did he get that??

(CONTINUED) 20 28 CONTINUED: (3) MEGA Plexor must know of this!

29 EXT. CENTRAL CONTROL SERVER Mega and X-Takks escort Rush across bridges, in security portals. Firewalls cool and part, allowing them to pass.

Down a grand corridor, past towering energy columns and throbbing green memory banks. They cross a bridge. View includes: Vast square concentric security rings surround a massive cubic POWER SUPPLY CORE.

30 INT. PLEXOR CPU Plexor toils over the latest security breech, failing to decipher recordings of the Intruder.

Rush is brought in buy Mega. He double-takes on Plexor, the cyber-twin of Sinclair.

MEGA Plexor. This is the one.

Plexor steps closer, scanning Rush.

PLEXOR You are not RX23.

RUSH My name is Rush. I'm a - Look, I got an ID on the Intruder. Do you know the program they used to call Tron?

Plexor activates memory banks. Accesses archive files of the original low-rez Tron: So harmless, so many years ago. Bears little resemblance to the upgraded Tron.

PLEXOR You are in error. Zero match.

RUSH Exactly. That's how he's getting past you. You don't see him for what he is. He's one of your own, gone bad. Tron was a crude security program from Encom's old days. Strictly low-rez, right? Archived and forgotten. But his source code contains all the architecture of every Encom system, including X-net. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 21 30 CONTINUED: RUSH (CONT'D) That's why some smart User dusted him off and upgraded him -

PLEXOR "User"?

RUSH People. Like me. From the outside. People who write all of your instructions.

Plexor and Mega trade a look.

MEGA He displays random instability.

PLEXOR Users do not exist.

RUSH How do we contact Sinclair? He'll explain.

PLEXOR Define "Sinclair".

RUSH You don't know? Oh geez. There must be a way to link him into this.

Rush touches Plexor's command console, but his energy OVERLOADS the system -

X-Takks pull Rush away.

MEGA Zero match for a "Sinclair".

RUSH He's your boss. Everybody's boss. Outside, in the real world.

PLEXOR Assuming the existence of a world beyond this, is a fatal error.

MEGA Plexor issues all commands.

X-TAKKS Grep grep.

Rush considers his predicament.

(CONTINUED) 22 30 CONTINUED: (2) RUSH Okay. Sorry. I'm a program, guess I got a piece of my code corrupted. Whatever it is, it's given me power over Tron. (to X-Takks and Mega) They saw me read his circuits. Can any other program do that?

Plexor looks to Mega.

MEGA He creates alternative data channels at will.


RUSH Yeah, I'm a little unstable. But I can find Tron for you.

Plexor processes. His eyes stream barcode data to X-Takks:

PLEXOR Release him.

X-Takk Troops read Plexor's barcode command with their eyes.

They let go of Rush.

Plexor turns to Mega. Issues more barcode.

PLEXOR Interface with this one. Exploit his ability. Locate the program "Tron" and destroy him on sight.

MEGA Instructions received, Plexor.

Mega exits with Rush. Plexor's gaze lingers on Rush.


Ultra sleek STRAITHE vehicle glides out, accesses a shiny new, EMPTY X-NET DATA OPTIK HIGHWAY. 23

32 INT. STRAITHE VEHICLE - RACING DOWN X-NET OPTIK HIGHWAY Mega at the controls. Rush rides, beholding the lightshow wonder of Cyberspace.

RUSH I need to find a program called KROD. He's a specialist in pattern recognition. He snagged the last known position on Tron for me.

Mega scans data, gets a fix on "KROD".

MEGA This is a waste of X-Net resources. You're strictly random. We will never find the intruder this way.

RUSH Plexor ordered us to work together. You can't doubt his instructions, right?

MEGA Of course not. But I am programmed to predict all possible errors. You contain an infinite quantity.

RUSH Meg for sure programmed you.

MEGA I have no data on "Meg".

RUSH Never mind. I'm being random.

Mega speeds along empty X-Net OPTIK HIGHWAY. Wide, secure, newly constructed. High above the tangle of chaotic, clogged OLD DATA ARTERIES. RUSH X-Net is amazing. It's going to change everything. Unless one rogue program called Tron brings it down. Do you believe he could?

MEGA I calculated the probability. (soberly) He could crash it all.

RUSH So we're working together on this?

(CONTINUED) 24 32 CONTINUED: MEGA As instructed, I will interface.

Mega pulls STRAITHE into:

33 INT. X-NET SWITCHING NEXUS/HUB CITY Construction nearly complete. High security.

Mega leads Rush to secured encryption gates. Her eyes light with data, the gate opens.

MEGA The program "KROD" is over there.

Across a bridge: An old-network HUB CITY. Like Hong Kong in wilder days. Jammed with Programs, colorful data, loud data transfer screams.

RUSH What a dump.

He heads across, but Mega hesitates.

RUSH Hey. Interface.

Mega grudgingly follows. Portal closes.

34 EXT. HUB CITY Electro-pop overload. Rush and Mega squeeze through crowds, past screaming data pipes and sizzling circuitry.

City is dominated by mugshots of TRON: "ENEMY OF THE FUTURE"

Mega locates a gleaming X-NET KIOSK. A PROMOTER (KROD) extoles the virtues of the X-Net system:

KROD Three more hub cities have been attacked by viruses! (crowd gets scared) But X-Net opens soon! You will travel in total security!

Crowd buzzes. They can't wait.

MEGA This is the one you seek?

Rush approaches Krod. Looks like Miles Rabbish. There's a bizarre moment of recognition between them.

25 34 CONTINUED: RUSH It's gotta be -

KROD Krod!

RUSH Krod!

KROD Yeah, yeah - Heeey!

RUSH The best pattern recognition program ever. (to Mega) This guy can filter a river of junk data and pull out the good stuff.

KROD You know it, dude!

Krod smiles big at Mega, refers to Rush:

KROD Who is this guy?

Rush pulls Krod aside.

RUSH Miles - I mean Krod, you flew the search engine. You ran a trace on a hotshot lightcycle rider. The red guy. Remember?

KROD Well. Eh. I'd like to help you, but truth is, I just got rebooted from a big crash. There's nothing left in my memory from before.

He taps his head.

MEGA This will yield zero.

RUSH Hang on.

Rush thinks, touches a surface. Concentrates. Circuitry zaps from data coming off his hands. Connections illuminate, data races around walls and floors.

Programs stop what they're doing, amazed by the feat.

(CONTINUED) 26 34 CONTINUED: (2) Mega is astonished - and privately worried.

Rush's data flow illuminates surfaces with images from HIS memory - the opening light cycle race.

RUSH Remember, Krod? You were watching this lightcycle duel, a red guy and a green guy, head-to-head.

Krod gawks at the image, but he's stumped.

RUSH The green guy faked out the red guy, but the red guy double-faked the green guy.


KROD Okay! YES! And the green guy splattered big time! It was awesome! How could I forget that?!

Splat happens in Rush's memory image. All goes white.

RUSH Where did the red guy go after that? You didn't crash right away.

KROD He escaped out this hidden exit -

Krod's points to another screen. "Wanted" image of Tron.


RUSH Did you jack his coordinate?

KROD Tr165444.018!

They slap high fives. Krod double-takes on Rush.

KROD And the green guy was YOU! You got rebooted?! They called you, um - Don't tell me, I got it, eh -

RUSH Call me Rush.

27 34 CONTINUED: (3) KROD Yeah! Whatever. You're good. How'd you do that thing with your hands?

RUSH It's complicated. You're coming with us to the old game grid. We're going to find Tron and shut him down.

KROD Beats working.

They head out. Krod falls in beside Mega, impressed by her.

KROD Hey babe. Did I ever know you?

35 EXT. ANCIENT COMPUTER SYSTEM I/O PORT Rush, Krod and Mega head deep into an obsolete, abandoned region of low-rez circuitry.

KROD The old game grid is this way -

He spins. Rush and Mega aren't behind him. They've climbed inside a defunct I/O Port: Like a retro-tech temple.

RUSH How do I uplink to the real world?

MEGA The real world doesn't exist. Nobody can uplink. These ports were for simulation only.

RUSH Right... But how did those poor misguided fools boot up the link?

MEGA They stood in the center. Held their disk above their head.

Rush pulls his disk off his back, aims it skyward. Concentrates. Energy flows off his feet, interacts with the I/O Port floor.


36 INT. REAL WORLD - SINCLAIR'S OFFICE - DAY Kelter and Phlegman report to Sinclair:

(CONTINUED) 28 36 CONTINUED: KELTER & PHLEGMAN Intruder attempted another break-in. We patched the firewall, but our manpower getting is maxed out.

SINCLAIR Stay on it! Nobody sleeps!

Guys hustle out. Sinclair wheels, as Meg storms in.

MEG There's a message on your secure link!

Sinclair enters retinal ID. Text forms:

INTRUDER IDENTIFIED. SINCLAIR Where is this coming from - ?

Meg hurries to the screen.


Text appears: I AM RUSH.

SINCLAIR My God, he's there.

MEG Rush, it's Sinclair and Meg.

Her words transform into text.

37 EXT. CYBERSPACE - ANCIENT I/O PORT Rush raises his disk, beaming data into the great unknown. Smiles as he downloads the response.

Mega and Krod watch nearby.

RUSH I identified the intruder.



29 38 CONTINUED: SINCLAIR Tron? Wasn't Tron one of our programs?

Sinclair and Meg trade baffled looks.

39 INT. CYBERSPACE - X-NET NEXUS Plexor oversees construction. X-Takk Commander points to something in the distance.

Beyond the horizon, the RUBY RED BEAM reaches to the heavens.

Plexor sees it, alarmed.

40 EXT. CYBERSPACE - ANCIENT I/O PORT - MORNING Text forms in magenta circuitry - GOOD WORK PARTNER.

RUSH I have a plan to crash Tron.

Mega turns with alarm.


Rush leaps clear with his disk -

MASSIVE ROMBALL (data reformatting orb) hurtles around the I/O Port, ZAPPING all it touches, de-rezzing data structures into neutral gray "blank matter".

ROMBALL loops skyward.

GIANT D-REZZ PROGRAM crashes down from above, retrieves ROMBALL - He's ENORMOUS, TOUGH, SINGLE-MINDED.

41 INT. ENCOM CORPORATION - SINCLAIR'S OFFICE - DAY Sinclair and Meg hang on the broken transmission:

MEG Rush?

Words appear: END OF LINE.

SINCLAIR He'd better not fail. 30

42 EXT. ANCIENT COMPUTER SYSTEM I/O PORT D-Rezz screams like a modem, hurls ROMBALL -

Mega and Krod dive clear -

ROMBALL misses them, but BLAZES DOWN two more I/O Ports. D- rezz retrieves ROMBALL, bears down on Mega and Krod.

RUSH Hey! Double points if you nail me! Bring it on!

D-Rezz turns his ugly sights on Rush, baited away from Mega and Krod.

D-rezz flexes and ROARS, revealing an X-NET LOGO on his chest.

RUSH Stop! End your routine!

D-rezz corners Rush, hurls his ROMBALL - Ball fires every circuit in its path, bleaching away data energy.

Rush dodges -

RUSH Cease! Desist! We're on the same team!

Mega throws her disk, plings D-rezz on the skull. D-rezz turns on her -

Rush runs, LEAPS on D-Rezz's back. Like riding a gorilla -

D-Rezz flips Rush to the ground, pins him with one mighty hand, raises his ROMBALL for the kill.

RUSH I'm X-Net too!

Data flows from Rush's body, up D-Rezz's clamping arm. Radiant energy between predator and prey.

Digits race in D-rezz's eyes. A code unlocks. He looks down, finally registering the X-Net markings on Rush's outfit.

D-Rezz lets go of Rush, slumps back on his haunches. Lowers his head in shame.

RUSH No, hey, hey big guy, don't take it so hard. We all have bad days.

(CONTINUED) 31 42 CONTINUED: RUSH rolls the BIG ROMBALL over: A peace offering.

Mega and Krod cautiously approach.

MEGA He was carrying out his programming. All I/O Ports are scheduled for de- rezz.

D-rezz hears this, happy to be understood. (He never talks.)

KROD Easy, big guy. No harm, no foul.

RUSH D-Rezz, we can use a guy with your raw power. You ready to be a hero for X-Net?

D-Rezz stands, clutches his ROMBALL. Reporting for duty.

KROD Cool. Now I've got somebody I can boss around.

D-rezz modem-growls at Krod.

KROD Or not.

RUSH Let's get to the game grid.

Rush leads them up an incline.

MEGA (grudgingly, to Rush) You have a skill for manipulating other programs.

RUSH When do I get a shot at hacking your code?

MEGA Never. Our operating systems are incompatible.

RUSH You act like I've got a virus.

They come to a spectacular vista of the OLD GAME GRID. Low resolution, uncool, largely forgotten.

(CONTINUED) 32 42 CONTINUED: (2) KROD There it is.

RUSH The place we nail Tron.

43 EXT. GAME PORTAL OUTPOST Obsolete, abandoned computer game entry portal, guarding entry to the old game grid beyond. An electro-tech carnival zone gone dark. No life in sight... Then:

Beam of DATA ENERGY sling-shots at ground level, solidifying to become:

A slender, jumpy Program called I-BEEM. He wears the X-Net logo and a cracked disk on his back. He's highly unstable and way unplugged from the system (like one of those Japanese soldiers still fighting alone in the hills 10 years after WWII was over).

I-Beem sees something - he PANICS, zapping away in characteristic streaks of airborne data. He reassembles in a hiding place, skittish, observing:

Rush, Mega, Krod and D-Rezz arrive. See GIANT PILE of GAME VEHICLE PARTS blocking access to the grid.

Rush picks up an old LIGHT WAND. Krod finds one too.

RUSH D-rezz. Cut a path.

D-Rezz hurls his Romball, ZAPS into VEHICLE PARTS. A dent.

KROD That's good. Keep doing it.

D-rezz retrieves Romball for another whack -

ZAP - DATA ENERGY BEAM snaps in front of them, becoming I- Beem. He grips his rickety disk, challenging them.

I-BEEM Violation! Go away! Access denied!

RUSH Relax, buddy -

Mega scans I-beem. He freaks, drops his disk, grabs for it.

KROD Pound him to bits, D-rezz.

33 43 CONTINUED: D-Rezz raises his Romball to pulverize I-Beem.

I-Beem freaks, ZAPS away in his data beam as Romball crashes down. I-Beem reforms further way, then beside them - He snatches his pancake disk, the zaps away again, emerging then high on the pile of parts.

RUSH He's wireless.

KROD Freaky.

MEGA Searching data bank. "I-Beem". Security Specialist, damaged in service, rated unstable.

I-BEEM (ranting from above) "Unstable"! Like they aren't?! They booted me off X-Net! I'll show them! I'm doing my subroutine out here! Nobody gets through this portal!

He kicks parts - avalanche fills the gap D-rezz blasted.

KROD D-rezz, take out this blip.

D-rezz ***** Romball. I-Beem freaks, sling-shots all over the place via his data beam, tossing his wobbly disk.

Rush catches I-Beem's disk. Holds off D-Rezz.

RUSH Hang on. I-Beem. We're from X-Net CPU. You're doing a great job out here. Everybody knows it.

Mega throws Rush a look. I-beem comes up, grateful.

I-BEEM They do?!

RUSH That's right. Now, have you seen a rogue Program around here? He's red. Super fast. Known as "Tron".

Data zags to Rush, forming into: I-Beem. Wide-eyed.

(CONTINUED) 34 43 CONTINUED: (2) I-BEEM The red one! That illegal function! He blasts through here and JUMPS OVER THE TOP! I tell him access denied - he JUMPS RIGHT OVER like I was never there!

RUSH When did he come through last?

I-BEEM Right before you got here.

Rush trades looks with Mega, Krod and D-Rezz. Trail is hot.

RUSH I-beem, we've got a plan to shut down that red violator. You're going to help us.

I-BEEM Let me at him!

RUSH First, you've got to let us onto the game grid.

I-Beem stiffens, reflexively vigilant. He scans the four of them again, finally softening. He zaps to a wall near his giant barrier, then proudly pushes aside a thin panel. Beyond a corridor of game gear, view expanses to reveal:

44 EXT. OLD GAME GRID Rush steps across the vast vector-graphic grid surface.

Eerie. Quiet. Pure.

Mega, I-Beem, Krod and D-rezz follow.

MEGA This region is obsolete.

Rush kneels, touches grid lines. Circuits energize, as his energy surges in all directions. He draws in data.

RUSH There's bits of Tron's code all over. Krod, give D-Rezz and I-beem the escape coordinate Tron used on me.

Krod's eyes flash data to I-Beem and D-rezz. "Tr165444.018".

(CONTINUED) 35 44 CONTINUED: I-BEEM Coordinate captured.

D-Rezz nods, palming his Romball.

RUSH That's where Tron will bail out. We'll make sure he needs to. Go set up the trap. (to D-rezz) You only get one shot at this, big guy. Stop him but don't destroy him, right? He's got data I need.

D-rezz grips Romball, grunts affirmation. He and I-beem head for the perimeter of the grid.

MEGA If this is Tron's territory, he'll know we're here. He'll hide.

RUSH He can't resist a grudge match. He'll take risks trying to beat me. That's how we trip him up. (to Krod) Whip it out.

Rush unsheathes his LIGHT WAND.

Krod pulls out his own LIGHT WAND.

They both look at Mega.

She's got no light wand.

KROD You didn't bring one?

MEGA I don't have one.

KROD Hey, not a problem -

Krod holds his light wand forward, activates it. LIGHT CYCLE up-rezzes under him. He revs it, ready to go.

KROD (to Mega) - Hop on!

RUSH Hang on, Krod.

(CONTINUED) 36 44 CONTINUED: (2) Rush activates his light wand. LIGHT CYCLE up-rezzes under him, with a special two tier seat for a second rider.

RUSH I upgraded my unit.

KROD You are awesome, man. I hate you.

Mega considers. There's more on her mind she's not talking about. She smiles at Rush, climbs on back of his light cycle.

MEGA Mmmm... Hack me.

A nod between Rush and Rush - they TAKE OFF.

LIGHT CYCLES shoot across grid surface.

Mega screams and clutches Rush, throwing her body against his, clamping her arms around him.

Krod and Rush turn 90 degrees, rallying, passing each other, getting warmed up. It's familiar territory.

Light cycles race toward each other on the same line.

Mega holds Rush tight, eyes filling with terror.

MEGA Resource conflict! Fatal crash imminent!

But Krod and Rush slow their light cycles with expert skill, rolling safely to a halt, nose-to-nose. Directly over:

A BIG RED DOT. The only dot on the grid.

Grid Center.

Mega, Rush and Krod raise up to scan the horizon. It's all clear flat grid to the horizon.

RUSH Any sign of him?

KROD Everything looks the same to me. Everything looks the same. The same. The same.

RUSH Krod, snap out of it.

37 44 CONTINUED: (3) MEGA Tron will never expose himself.

They watch, wait, pivot.

KROD The same...

45 EXT. EDGE OF GAME GRID D-rezz and I-beem search grid edge, along the rocky boundary. I-beem zaps himself further along, finding:

Glowing code numbers mark the end of each grid line.

D-rezz grunts, points. One lights up "Tr165444.018"

They follow the line off the grid, where it leads into a narrow rocky pass.

I-BEEM Yes, I see. Perfect trap. This is going to be good. Climb, climb!

46 EXT. GAME GRID / CENTER SPOT Rush, Mega and Krod wait on their light cycles.

MEGA Its futile.

RUSH Look.

SPECK moves on the horizon, turns a corner, stays on the horizon. Another corner. It's a light cycle, making a huge box around them.

RUSH Remember the plan, Krod. Don't bail out until the last millisecond.

Lightcycle turns toward them, coming fast.

RUSH Hang on tight, Mega.

Mega hugs Rush.

KROD Mmmm.


(CONTINUED) 38 46 CONTINUED: Approaching cycle comes at 90 degree angle, turns hard, closes the distance.

It's TRON. Heartless eyes, ruthless moves.

Rush turns quick, baiting Tron. Tron turns to follow, coming alongside.

Krod runs interference, cuts sharp in front of Tron.

It's a high-stakes speed-chase, narrowly missing side walls and rock outcroppings.

47 EXT. EDGE OF GAME GRID I-beem zaps onto the grid, tracks horizon dots.

I-BEEM Here they come!

He zaps back to the edge, signals upward. D-rezz straddles the rock passage above, ready to hurl his Romball.

48 EXT. GAME GRID Tron takes the lead in a three-way heat. Revs to breath- taking speed.

Rush and Krod gain, coming up on either side of Tron.

Tron looks to each opponent. His eyes lock on Mega.

Mega stares into Tron's cold eyes, almost like she's trying to signal him. But Tron returns his gaze forward, as the ROCKY EDGE looms closer.

RUSH Wuss! You call that speed!?

Rush kicks in a hyper-burner, surging forward. Krod does the same. Tron responds with more speed.

Rush and Krod have Tron sandwiched, heading for the rock edge. Tron pulls ahead, aiming for the hidden crevasse.

Mega worries. Clings to Rush.

49 EXT. EDGE OF GAME GRID D-rezz, astride the crevasse, sees light cycles speeding his way. He's got the Rom-ball poised to intercept Tron.

(CONTINUED) 39 49 CONTINUED: I-beem de-rezzes into the grid, clearing the path.

Rush and Krod taunt Tron into the trap...

But, out of nowhere, Mega reaches to Rush's handlebars and turns 90 degrees too soon.

KROD Hey, what are you - ??

Tron sees the bail-out, knows something's wrong. He looks ahead, sees D-rezz astride his crevasse escape root, rom- ball poised in the air.

Tron bails out 90 degrees, cutting behind Krod. Krod turns twice, ending up in Tron's lane.

To the side, Rush's light cycle screams toward solid rock, vibrating out of control.

Rush grabs Mega and JUMPS OFF. They slide on the grid, holding each other.

Krod's lightcycle heads for the rock escape passage.

KROD No! It's ME!

Rush and Mega slide to a halt, in time to see:

Their light cycle SMASHES rocks, explodes in a million bits.

RUSH WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! MEGA I- I GOT SCARED! Krod shoots gap. D-rezz is ready to smash him with his Romball.

I-BEEM No! It's Krod! Tron is OVER THERE!

D-rezz makes mental switch, hurls Romball.

Romball bounces down solid rock, onto game grid, rolls with ferocious speed, DIAGONALLY across the grid.

Romball curves to track Tron - like a great bowling shot.

Romball clips rear wheel of Tron's lightcycle. Lightcycle vaporizes. Tron skids and tumbles.

I-beem zaps beside Rush and Mega. Krod and D-rezz join them.

(CONTINUED) 40 49 CONTINUED: (2) KROD There he goes!

Tron climbs over rocks, escaping through a TUNNEL.

RUSH We've got him now. Let's go!

WHOOSH! Electro-fire Romball careens across grid, bearing down on them.


D-rezz swings in a foot, stopping the Romball - inches short of mowing down Krod.

KROD I could have done that.

He strobes, freezes, hits the deck.

50 INT. ANCIENT COMPUTER SYSTEM TUNNEL Stalking their prey: Rush, Krod, I-beem and D-rezz.

MEGA We can't go any further.

Ahead, vast old circuitry has been "eaten through" by dull throbbing greenish MEMORY LEAKAGE. Paths of unaffected material are narrow and maze-like.

RUSH What is it?

KROD Don't ask, dude.

MEGA It's a memory leak, once it starts, it infects everything.

I-BEEM Touch it and you crash forever. We cannot risk it.

MEGA I agree.

D-rezz grunts.

KROD Then it's settled.

41 50 CONTINUED: Krod turns to head home.

RUSH Stop. Listen to me. You might not believe there's a world outside of this one, but let's just say a guy named Sinclair is depending on me. If Tron got through here, then I can too. Who's with me?

D-rezz steps forward, then I-Beem. Shamed, Krod joins them. Finally, Mega makes it unanimous.

RUSH Good. I-beem, take D-rezz, see what's up ahead. We'll guard this portal until you come back.

I-beem and D-rezz buddy up and depart on a recon mission.

Krod pulls off his disk, nervously practices boomerang throws.

RUSH Better show me how to use mine.

KROD No problem. It's all in the velocity- vector ratio.

Rush pulls the disk off his own back. He throws - disk flies wild - he runs to retrieve it.

Mega retreats to a side area, partially eroded by memory leakage. She finds the remnants of COM CIRCUITRY and stares data beams into its transducer.


51 EXT. X-NET NEXUS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - PLEXOR'S VEHICLE Plexor's vehicle circuitry forms image of Mega.

PLEXOR Report.

MEGA We interfaced with Tron. He escaped into a dark zone.

52 INT. ANCIENT COMPUTER SYSTEM TUNNEL Around a corner, Rush comes to retrieve his disk. He pauses to eavesdrop on Mega's communication:

(CONTINUED) 42 52 CONTINUED: PLEXOR The Random One has proven effective?

MEGA He is all glitches and bad data. He virtually got us de-rezzed. I recommend we terminate this mission.

Rush listens, hurt and angry.

PLEXOR No. Proceed. If you keep Tron on the run, he cannot attack X-Net.

MEGA It's a poor allocation of resources.

PLEXOR You have your instructions.

Circuits go dark. Mega turns, running smack into:

RUSH "All glitches and bad data." What's up with you? Ever since I got here, you've been working against me.

MEGA I act as Plexor programs me.

RUSH Blah blah blah. You've got you own processor. I can feel it working overtime. Did Meg program you to mess with me?

MEGA I have no match for "Meg" -

RUSH First, you don't want to come with me, then you're all over me on the light cycle - so you can dump us over and blow the plan. We would have nailed Tron by now if it wasn't for you. What's your malfunction?

MEGA Don't troubleshoot me!

Angry silence. Eyes locked.

(CONTINUED) 43 52 CONTINUED: (2) MEGA The most effective alternative is to return to the main CPU and anticipate Tron's next attack.

She moves to exit past him. He snags her arm, pulls her back and KISSES HER.

Energy ZAPS between them, racing through their body circuits.

Rush downloads the spiky sensation. Mega remains cold and bewildered.

Outside, Krod tosses his disk, moving to track as it arcs through the air. He notices Rush and Mega kissing. Digs it vicariously.

KROD You ram hog!

His disk clunks him on the head.

Mega breaks the kiss, backing off, conflicted. Arcs of energy stretch between them, then snap loose.

RUSH It's what I'm programmed to do.

Mega tries to ignore the kiss. She exits past the guys.

KROD What were you doing with her?

RUSH Nothing. She had a glitch. I was just pinging her EPROM.

KROD She let you?

I-BEEM (O.S.) There's a way through!

Rush, Krod and Mega hurry to see:

I-beem zap-zap-zaps toward them, scared to death -

I-BEEM Tron attacked us! D-rezz has him cornered!

Rush stows his disk on his back -

RUSH We've got him now. 44

53 INT. ANCIENT COMPUTER SYSTEM LABYRINTH Eaten away by memory leaks, like swiss cheese.

Rush, Mega, Krod follow I-beem along narrow paths of unaffected material.

Krod trips, his LIGHT WAND tumbles and skates into memory leakage. It FRIES and de-rezzes, sucked into the molten silicon swamp.

D-REZZ Akakakaka - Agggggggg -

Sounds like a modem, but it's a BATTLE-CRY.

Rush comes to a point above - and cut off from - the fight.

D-rezz advances along a narrow gantry, spinning his Romball, ready to hurl at:

TRON. Tron flips over memory leakage, gains position and throws his disk -

Disk HITS D-rezz. Plasma-ball GASH, but D-rezz is tough. He takes the damage, ***** his Romball -

RUSH Guys! Go around - behind Tron!

Rush darts down to help D-rezz. Mega, Rush hurry ahead. I- beem zaps, zags and reforms, scared out of his mind.

D-rezz hurls his Romball -

Romball pings off two walls, comes at Tron from behind.

Tron spins - milliseconds to spare - and flips clear. Retrieves his disk on the way down.

Romball slams off a wall, heads back to D-rezz, but Tron's disk HITS IT, knocking it off course.

D-rezz dives for ROMBALL - but it falls into the memory leak and FRIES TO BITS.

Tron plants for a clear shot at D-rezz.

Rush JUMPS down from above, right in front of D-rezz.

RUSH Ouch!

(CONTINUED) 45 53 CONTINUED: His ankle. He straightens, standing in front of D-rezz.

Lays eyes on Tron.

RUSH Hey! Pick on somebody your own size!

D-rezz is twice as big as either of them.

Tron's eyes are cold, lifeless, calculating. Scanning his new opponent without success.

RUSH You've got no data on me.

Rush pulls his disk off his back, poised for a duel.

Tron moves with calculation, grips his hyper-etched disk. Circling his prey.

Throws again -


Tron's disk slams D-rezz. D-rezz tries to catch the disk, but he's just too slow.

Rush throws his disk. Beginner's luck - it banks off a wall and nearly smacks Tron. Rush snags it on the way back, before it tumbles into memory leakage.

Tron jumps up two levels. Retrieves his disk.

RUSH D-rezz, pull me up!

D-rezz hoists Rush up. Fingers grab upper deck.

Tron jockeys for position. Throws disk -

Disk strikes D-rezz in the ribs. Blast damage.

D-rezz loses footing.

Rush grabs upper level.

D-rezz slips toward memory leakage.

Rush grabs D-rezz's hand - he weighs a ton.

Mega, Krod and I-beem can't get here to help -

46 53 CONTINUED: (2) RUSH Hang on, man! HANG ON!

But D-rezz's big hand slips out of Rush's.

D-rezz PLUMMETS into memory leakage, zapping away in a blaze of glory -

RUSH NOOOO! He comes to his feet, facing Tron. Determined.

RUSH I know who you are. Encom security program Tr856 - TRON!

Tron pauses. Processes.

RUSH Who is your User??

Tron glitches at the question.

RUSH Who programmed you?? I know your encryption code. Tell me your User or I shut you down.

Tron throws his disk.

Rush dodges. He sends waves of data energy through floor circuits, reaching into Tron's body.

RUSH I can shut you down with a nine digit code. WHO IS YOUR USER?? 392 -

Tron's body animates painfully, as the first three code digits click into place.

Tron FLIPS away, breaking contact with floor. Data transfer stops. Tron steals away through a tunnel.

Rush pursues.

Krod, Mega and I-beem clamber for a way to follow.

54 INT. OBSOLETE COMPUTER GAME ARENA Circular, riddled with memory leaks.

Rush hurries to the center. No sign of Tron.

(CONTINUED) 47 54 CONTINUED: RUSH Tell me, Tron! Who programmed you? Here's your encryption code! 3-6-2- 6-6-8 - Rush sends data coursing into floor circuits. It radiates up walls, across bridges... And finds TRON in hidi

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