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Quran - Recitation -The Holy Book

> Hafiz - someone who can recite

> Qur'an = Revelation from Allah sent to Angel Jibril - to Muhammad. In cave Hira = in one night , says 97th Surah or, over 23 years into the spiritual heart of M.

> 6 Truths - about Allah, mankind, straight path v crooked.

> Deals with all areas of life and is the perfect guide to life, politics, famils, eceonomics , food , dress, prayer and worship

> Ramamdan - Celebrates the reveltaion of the Qu'ran.

> Quran'an makes up most of the SHari'ah i.e holy law along with Hadith, Sunnah , Consensus, analogies and opinion.  Keep pocket size one with you.

> Recite passages for 5 prays a day = root to salvation - avoid ignorance, get blessing when you hear it. Niggets of wisdom. Made warriors weep.

>its the truth about Allah's Love for all.

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