Roosevelt's 100 Days- Alphabet Agencies

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1. How did the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) help?

  • Helped them to grow more crops
  • Got all farmers a job
  • Provided marketing skills to farmers to help sell their crops
  • Helped farmers regain their confidence in the banks
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2. How did the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) create jobs?

  • Set standards on working practices
  • It was an attractive agency that people wanted to be involved in
  • Trade unions became involved

3. What action did the EBA (Emergency Banking Act) take?

  • Regulated the stock market
  • Backed 10,000 banks
  • Backed 5,000 banks and reassured the American people that their money was safe
  • Told people that the banks were regaining confidence

4. How was the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) similar to the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration)?

  • Helped grow grapes and barley to end prohibition
  • Looked at agricultural overproduction
  • Helped farmers to grow more crops

5. How did the PWA (Public Works Administration) help?

  • Paid for public works projects
  • Provided permanent jobs
  • Gave everyone a job


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