Roosevelt's 100 Days- Alphabet Agencies

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1. What action did the EBA (Emergency Banking Act) take?

  • Backed 5,000 banks and reassured the American people that their money was safe
  • Backed 10,000 banks
  • Told people that the banks were regaining confidence
  • Regulated the stock market
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2. What did the FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) do?

  • Roosevelt gave clothes and shelter to the homeless
  • $500 million dollars allocated to help relieve suffering
  • $10 million dollars was given to shelters to feed the homeless
  • Roosevelt travelled around the country and spoke to those in poverty to find out what they wanted

3. How was the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) similar to the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration)?

  • Looked at agricultural overproduction
  • Helped farmers to grow more crops
  • Helped grow grapes and barley to end prohibition

4. How did the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) help?

  • Provided marketing skills to farmers to help sell their crops
  • Got all farmers a job
  • Helped farmers regain their confidence in the banks
  • Helped them to grow more crops

5. Why was the EBA (Emergency Banking Act) set up?

  • To make Roosevelt look good
  • To improve confidence in the American banks
  • To tell the American people that the Great Depression was over
  • To show that the banks were good and that you could trust them


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