Roosevelt's 100 Days- Alphabet Agencies

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1. What did the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) tackle?

  • How to get people to buy crops
  • Rural poverty, unemployment and low crop prices
  • Problems faced by farmers
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2. Why was the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) different to other alphabet agencies?

  • Only helped the president and the government
  • Looked at the general economic condition of the USA
  • Focussed on money

3. What did the FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) do?

  • Roosevelt gave clothes and shelter to the homeless
  • $500 million dollars allocated to help relieve suffering
  • $10 million dollars was given to shelters to feed the homeless
  • Roosevelt travelled around the country and spoke to those in poverty to find out what they wanted

4. What did the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) do?

  • Gave young men work for 6 months
  • Looked after the American people
  • Volunteers helped take care of the elderly
  • Gave food to those in poverty

5. Why was the EBA (Emergency Banking Act) set up?

  • To make Roosevelt look good
  • To show that the banks were good and that you could trust them
  • To improve confidence in the American banks
  • To tell the American people that the Great Depression was over


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