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Roosevelt & New Deal

In presidency from 1932-1945.

Policies: Government schemes to provide more jobs
                Relief for the poor and unemployed
                Protection for workers.

The Hundred Days- Time he spent gathering all of his advisors and discussed ideas on how to change the country, also his first 100 days in office. 3 R's (Relief, Recovery, Reform)

Radio Broadcasts - He made speeches on the radio and described his actions

Rescue the banks - Closed the banks for four days. Emergency banking act in 8 hours. Banks only deemed suitable were allowed to re open.

Ending Prohibition - Created jobs in breweries.

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Roosevelt & New Deal

Alphabet Agencies

AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Agency) - Relief
- Paid Farmers to produce less food (this means the value of food goes up)
- Farmer's income doubled
- Didn't help share croppers
- They replaced people by machines

CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)
- Gave jobs to single men under the age of 25
- They got food and clothing and payments were sent home to help family
- Cheap Labour
- Only for single men under 25

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)
- Thousands of jobs created
- They improved the quality of soil
- Power Stations built to create cheap electricity

Wagner Act -1935
Allowed workers to form trade unions
Stopped employers from sacking workers who were part of trade unions


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