Rocky reefs definitions

Rocky reef
hard, structurally complex substrate, consisting of various types of non-living material found along continent shelves of temperate and subtropical areas
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Kelp forest
where canopy forming kelps reach the sea surface
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Kelp bed
where shorter kelp does not reach the sea surface
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leaf or leaf-like part of a palm, fern, or similar plant
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fronts on surface or in midwater
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fronts erect or close to the bottom (contains the highest diversity of life)
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Algal turf
short clumps, filaments, and encrusting algae
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UK kelp which forms surface-lying forests
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Carbon sequestration
the process by which carbon is removed from the atmosphere and stored in solid or liquid form
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Foundation species
a species that has a strong role in structuring the ecological community (/keystone species)
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"float" - allows blades to float near the surface for photosynthesis
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long, flexible link between blades and holdfast
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El nino
intrusion of warm waters from the west, weakening upwelling/nutrient supply
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Drift kelp
free-floating kelp detritus
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Urchin barren
when kelp forests are deforested by urchin grazing and crustose coralline algae replaces all other seaweeds
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Phase shift
when an ecosystem changes from one stable state to another due to perturbations (e.g. from a kelp forest to an urchin barren)
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Trophic cascade
second level organism releases the lowest level to proliferate (stronger in simple/marine systems than in complex/terrestrial systems)
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Trophic facillitation
occurs when a consumer is indirectly facilitated by a positive interaction between its prey and another species
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the removal of calcium carbonate species by biological agents
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Continuous phase shift
forward path is the same as the backwards path
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Discontinuous phase shift
forward path is not the same as the backwards path
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a change in the system that leads to a shift from one phase to another (e.g. urchin density for the creation of an urchin barren phase)
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Kelp forest


where canopy forming kelps reach the sea surface

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Kelp bed


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