What we're doing..
Talking about beach and sea safety
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Ground Rules
1) Always put hand up if wanting to answer 2) Don't talk over each other 3) Any questions will be answered at the end
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Intros to ourselves
George- 3 years in, work on teignmouth, dawlish and exmouth
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RNLI (What does it stand for?)
Royal - Queen loves what we do, National - All around the country, Lifeboat - (Big orange thing?) LGS + LBS, Institution - Working together to saves lives at sea
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RNLI is a charity...
Any one know what a charity is? Rely on donations from the public to fund equipment and training
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Red + Yellow flag (2 volunteers to hold)
Anyone know what this could mean? Safe to swim and bodyboard
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Black and White (2 volunteers to hold)
Anyone know what this could mean? Surf and hard craft (surfers and kayaks), why do they need to be in this area?
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Flag game...
Everyone stands up, best swimming impression (pick 5 kids), best surfing impression (pick 5 kids)
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Flag game continued...
Swimmers and Surfers in correct areas, is this safe? Yes.
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Flag game continued...
2 swimmers swim to the B+W flag, 2 surfers to R+Y, is this safe? No, why?
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Flag game continued...
Move back to original position - round of applause
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No inflatables flag
When its flying, strong offshore wind out to sea, inflatables are light and will be swept out to sea easily, so if this flag is flying its import that you don't enter the sea with an inflatable
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Red Flag
What could this mean? Danger. No swimming!
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What other dangers could there be?
Animals, waves, rocks + cliffs, RIPS (hint with picture)
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Rip Currents
Who's heard of a rip current before?
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Forms a channel (like a river) between waves that sucks water out to sea really fast. It happens because the water the waves bring in has to escape back out to sea somehow, it does it through rip current channels
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If you got caught in a Rip, what could you do?
Swim sideways to the rip, waves take you back in (show in picture), never swim against the rip
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What happens if you are a weak swimmer or are tired, what could you do?
(hint with picture) Alert attention to lifeguard
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How would you alert the lifeguard, what could you do in the water?
1 arm straight out, shout HELP, whilst treading water
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Demonstration of alerting
Everybody 1 arm up and on the count on 3 shout help to get Andy's attention on the shore, 1..2..3..
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If you're on shore and see someone in a rip, what could you do?
Alert a lifeguard, throw a lifering (important you dont vandalise or take home, may save your life one day
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Who could you ring to help if lifeguard is not around?
999, ask for the coastguard
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We need 1 volunteer to come and dress up as a lifeguard
Get teacher to chose if possible
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If lifeguard is around, and you're on the beach r in the water, how would you recognise them?
Yellow top - RNLI Flag on chest, RNLI lifeguard on the back, and sides, Red Shorts (show) - Special shorts we can swim with, RNLI logo, Rescue tube, radio others etc.
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When you're at the beach its usually sunny, so what can you do to protect yourself from the sun?
Sunglasses, Sun Hat, T-Shirt, Suncream (important that its SPF30, like having 30 extra layers of skin on top) and if you go in the water you must reapply
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Slip, Slap, Slop, Wrap, Glug (point to roller picture)
Slip on Sunglasses, Slap on a hat, Slop on suncream, Glug water (easy to get dehydrated when you're having fun on the beach)
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We need another volunteer
Again get teacher to chose (whos been good?)
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Give kid the bodyboard
Always important to keep the leash on the wrist at all times, if you enter a rip you can float (easier to see)
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Time for another game
Separate the kids down the middle, create a rip (with space around the outside)
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So lets imagine you've come down to the beach and not listened to the lifeguards
You've got yourself in a rip, so if you body board to where the rip ends
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You now need to be rescued, how are you going to get the lifeguards attention?
1 arm up and shout HELP
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Lifeguard needs to take off sunglasses and hat before they go in + put on rescue tube
LG enters rip, follow them down
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Get lifeguard to give bodyboarder the tube
'Hug it like a teddy bear'
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Now, should the lifeguard go back against the rip?
NO, they should go around the rip and back to safety
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Big round of applause
Take off equipment and sit down
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(If old enough) Tomb stoning
Anyone heard of it? Ones further back
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Tombstoning is...
Jumping off a high platform, i.e. a pier, cliff etc.
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Its dangerous because...
You often don't know whats underneath the water, and how deep the water is
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As lifeagurds we really do not
recommend trying this as it could leave you seriously hurt!!
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So today we've learnt about...
Flags - R+Y, B+W, Orange Windsock and Red, are we all confident we know what these mean?
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So how rips work, how to spot them (between waves), and more importantly how to get out of them (either swim sideways or get attention)
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We've learnt how to recognise a lifeguard on the beach
Red+ Yellows, RNLI Logo, rescue tube etc.
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And finally we've learnt the 5 ways we can protect ourselve agaisnt the sun...
Slip (on sunglasses), Slap (on a hat), Slop (on suncream) Wrap (yourself in a t-shirt) and Glug (lots of water)
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Does anyone have any QUESTIONS about what we've talked about today?
Max 5 - relate to different parts of lifegaurding
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Ask teachers
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End with a big thank you
If you're on the beach, do go up and have a chat with the lovely lifeguards!
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Ground Rules


1) Always put hand up if wanting to answer 2) Don't talk over each other 3) Any questions will be answered at the end

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