religious organisations

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1. who describes the differences between sects and churches because he saw that sects and churches were very different organizations, then went further to identify cults

  • Weber
  • Troeltsch
  • Niebhur
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2. which type of sect converts as many people as possible, so they become a denomination with out compromising their primary airm

  • coversionits
  • adventists

3. neo pentecostalism, united reformed church are examples of what

  • denomination ideal type
  • sect ideal type
  • cult ideal type
  • church ideal type

4. who says that sects survives as sects they become established sects

  • Yinger
  • Troeltsch
  • Weber
  • Niebhur

5. new age movements NAMs was developed by who

  • Bruce
  • Wallis


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