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what are the five stages of liberation ?
piety, knowledge, effort, grace, truth- wont all happen in one life time
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what are barriers to mukti ?
illusion, slef-centredness and five evils
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what are the five evils?
wordly atachment, anger, greed, pride, lust
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why is it important for sikhs to be god centred?
so they get good karma, good reincarnation to eventually reach mukti
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what does gurmukh mean ?
god centred, mind centred on god at all times, to become a perfect person
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what does manmukh mean ?
man centred people who focus on themselves, attached to money and possesions, not aware of the
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where is the nature of god found in the ggs?
mool mantra
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how do sikhs describe god?
that hes beyond human description, genderless, satnam (true name), waheguru (wonderful lord)
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what is said in the mool mantra about god ?
he created universe, hes the eternal truth, no fear or hatred towards god, eternal and he doesnt rely on anything
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when do sikhs recite the mool mantra ?
in their daily prayers and at the initiation ceremony into the khalsa
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what do sikhs believe about god the creator ?
he created everything and sustains his creation, accept scientific explanations and belief they were done through gods will
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what do sikhs believe about god being transcendent ?
"hes the perfect transcendent lord, from the very beginning and throughout the ages" and he is beyond human understanding
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what do sikhs believe about god being immanent?
that god is present within every human being as the soul and can be understood through teachings of the gurus, mool mantra or through the creation
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what are the five virtues?
truth, compassion, contentment, humility and love
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truth to do with virtues
live a truthful life and you can get closer to god
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compassion to do with virtues
quality that god has ie. being aware of others needs and serving them
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contentment to do with virtues
live a life centred on god and do not desire things which they do not have (dont be materialistic)
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humility to do with virtues
humans must be humbles, show self control and not think theyre more important than anyone else
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love to do with virtues
where god is loving, they must also be loving ie. accepting everyone for who they are
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acronym for five virtues
tiger cubs catch happy lobsters= truth, compassion, contentment, humility, love
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what do sikhs believe about rebirth ?
reincarnation, part of a cycle of birth death and rebirth, cycle keeps going until you reach mukti
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what do sikhs believe about humans and karma ?
they can develop good or bad karma, theirr actions from their previous life decide this and therefore what animal theyre reborn to
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what happen if you have good karma when youre re born ?
you are born as a human so you can get closer to god by achieving mukti
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what happens if you have bad karma and how do you get rid of it ?
you are born into a lesser important life such as a dung beetle and to get rid of it you have to meditate on gods on name and serving others
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how do sikhs reach mukti ?
they take charge of their life and do not give in temptation
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how can you describe mukti?
ha you cant, but sikhs just know its ultimate bliss, happiness and contentment
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what does haumai mean ? and whys it important ?
"pride" and this quality stopped people from understanding god and they need help to understand god
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what is described as a spiritual disease ?
haumai and manmukh and they only cure to the disease is to become gurmukh
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what is the belief "the oneness of humanity" is about ?
that everyone was created by god and shouldn't feel the need to convert others into sikhism
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how do sikhs believe others find the way to god ?
through different pathways of which everyone finds their own one.
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what do sikhs believe about the creation of all species?
that theyre all created for a reason
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why are humans unique?
because they can decide between right and wrong and within us is a divine spark from god
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why is peace and harmony so important?
because if its not present its almost like rejecting god as god is within everyones souls
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what langar an example of ?
equality in practice, the fact that everyones served and no ones left out no matter their background
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how is equality shown in the sikh community ?
EVERYONE is treated with respect, both men and women take part in worship
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what are the 5 ks?
kesh(uncut hair), kanga(wooden comb), kara(steel bangle), kachera(cotton underwear), kirpan(small sword)
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whys the kesh important?
because its a gift from god and should be kept clean with a turban
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whys the kanga important?
to keep hair tidy and remind skihs to keep their body and mind healthy
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whys the kara important?
represents unbreakable bond with god
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whys the kachera important?
need for chastity( sexual purity) and acting with dignity
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whys the kirpan important?
used for self protection, sign that sikhs are the army of god
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what was one of guru nanaks most important and initial thoughts?
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what was guru nanaks river experience?
he went there to wash himself but he didnt return, until 3 days later when he came back and told people he had a vision, he gave up his job and helped the poor
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what was the main outcome of the river experience?
that he then believed all humanity is created by one god and is equal
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what did guru nanak do to enforce equality?
set up the langar and make women and men equal and get rid of the caste system
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how was the khalsa formed?
at the festival of vaisaki, guru gobind signh asked people who was wiling to die for their faith one person volunteered and so took the person into a tent and fake murdered him, did this with 5 other people and then he announced everyone was alive
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what did the five men who went into the tent show ?
absoulute loyalty to the faith
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what does panj piare mean ?
iit represents the five men who went into the tent with guru gobind sign
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why did the khalsa enforce common last names for men and women ?
to show that everyone was equal and got rid of the caste system
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what does the ggs contain ?
hymns of the other gurus
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what is the ggs regared as ? where is it kept?
the eternal guru and is kept in the gurdwara
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how was another guru appointed?
by placing five coins and a coconut in front of the person they had chosen
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how is equality portrayed in sikhism today ?
the langar, men and women are seen as equally important, do sewa and paid and unpaided voluntary work
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what is sewa?
a self less service
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why do sikhs perform sewa?
a way of worshipping and getting closer to god
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what are the three types of sewa ?
tan= physical, dhan= material, man= mental
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why is sewa important to sikhs ?
helps them become gurmukh, helps them move away from evils and develop good virtues SHOWS EQUALITY AND ONENESS OF HUMANITY
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what does sat sangat mean ?
true congregation
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how did guru nanak come up with the sangata?
he named it after group of loyal followers he met on his travels
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what does the sangat do ?
its used to describe the gathering of sikhs in a gurdwara, or a place where the ggs is present, they chant hymns, listen to musicians praising god and listen to the granthu
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why is the sangat important?
essential in order to progress in spiritual life and provides opertunies for sewa
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what are amritdhari sikhs?
they are expected to wear the five ks, practice sikh virtues, not do drugs, alcohol or tobacco, obey code of conduct expected from a sikh
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why are most sikhs not amritdhari sikhs?
because they dont want to live their life with such strict rules or dont feel ready for that level of comitment
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what is the nishan sahib ?
flag outside the gurdwara
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what is the chakra?
symbol on the flag to show eternity of god
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what is the khanda?
the double edged sword on the flag which symbolises god= one side= divine justice and the other freedom and authority
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why is there a kirpan on the flag ?
to symbolise power and the need to defend the faith and spiritual authority
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what are the features of the gurdwara?
have the nishan sahib, diwan hall (prayer hall), langar hall, shoe racks and wash room
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why is the gurdwara so important?
because its a place of true worship and service to otheres and to provide the ccommunity
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whats the role of the gurdwara?
inviting members for langar and for worship, educate children and room for youth clubs
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what does the festival of vaisakhi celebrate?
the harvest and formation of the khalsa
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what do they arrange at the festival of vaisakhi?
sporting events and martial arts and dancing and music
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how do sikhs treat the ggs?
dont point their feet towards it, bow before it, rumallas used to cover the ggs when not in use, chauri waved over it, has its own bedroom
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why is the ggs important?
it contains gurus teachings, its a way of teaching+ guiding people, no need to have a new guru as it has all the previous gurus thought in it,
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what is akahnd path?
the continual reading of the ggs for up to 48 hours
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who are granthis?
sikhs who can read from the ggs
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when does akahnd path take place ?
before a festival, marriage or special occasion
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what is the akahnd important?
its seen as great blessing, brings sangat together and reminds them of their identity, brings sikhs closer to the waheguru
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why is the langar important?
sikhs given opportunity to perform sewa, brings community together, public expression of skihs belief in equality, allows people in extreme poverty to be supported
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why should sikhs go on pilgrimages ?
for spiritual reflection, learn important stories of gurus and leaders, to be cleansed
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whats the first word a baby must hear when born ?
waheguru and the father will put five drops of armit mixture into its mouth by a kirpan
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where is a naming ceremony held?
in the gurdwara as soon as the mother and baby are wel enough to attend
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why is the naming ceremony so important?
because it bings the whole community together and its a reincarnation + it shows the familys commitment to bring them up as a sikh
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what is the festival of diwali?
festival of lights
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how is diwali celebrated?
street parade, firework displays, cleaning of homes and decortated with oil lamps new clothes and presents for children
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what does the lighting of small clay lamps represent?
the victory of good over evil
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why is diwali important?
its a celebration of freedom, gives sikhs courage,
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what are gurpubs ?
celebrations that take place on anniversaries of the birth and death of one of the gurus
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how do sikhs celebrate gurpubs?
ggs carried on a float with members of khalsa either side to protect it, musicans perform, free food and refreshments, cards exchanged, story tellijng
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why are gurpubs important?
provides oppertunity for sikhs to celebrate their religions history, + share beliefs with local communities, reminder of sikhs priorities, major learning done
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what is the most important gurpub?
guru nanaks birthday as hes the founder of sikhism
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what are the differences in these celebrations in india and great britain?
I=take place on actual day, GB= take place on closest weekend, I= schools shut, GB= schools dont shut, I= loud and colourful, GB= quiet and locally and send cards
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what is the initiation ceremony of the fully committed called ?
amrit sanskar
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what happens at the ceremony?
bathe, wash and cover head put on clean clothes, wear the 5ks, 5 punj piare recite the prayers, use khanda to stir armit bowl, granthi recites random hymn, initiate drinks armit+ recites some waherguru, sprinkles armit on eyes and hair, continued
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ceremony continued
rest of armit shared, recite mool mantra, + everyone given a sikh name, everyone eats and shares karah parshad
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why is the amrit sanskar important?
opportunity to join the khalsa, drinking armit is a reminder of the sacrifice of the panj piare, encourages meditation on the name of god, 5ks are a reminder of the oneness of humanity+ identity
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what area the strict rules that the khalsa have to follow?
recite prayers everyday, wear 5ks, worship only one god, not to eat meat which has been slaughtered, no alcohol +smoking, not to gamble or steal
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