Biological Rhythms: Circadian Rhythms

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  • Biological Rhythms: Circadian Rhythms
    • Siffre's cave study
      • Aimed to study the effect on his biological rhythms
      • Spend several months underground, deprived of exposure to natural light and sound. However, had access to adequate food and drink
      • Siffre found that his 'free-running' biological rhythms settled to beyond 24hr to 25hrs and his sleep and wake were no regular schedule
    • Biological rhymthms
      • All living beings have biological rhythms, which have important influence on the way the body behaves.
      • Govern 2 things - body internal clock (endogenous pacemakers)
      • External changes called exogenous zeitgeists
    • Sleep/Wake cycle
      • Daylight is an important factor in exogenous zeitgeists and our sleep/wake cycle
      • Siffre research tried to explain what would happen if our sleep/wake cycle without the influence of daylight


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