Religious Language

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1. What is Aquinas's analogy of proportion?

  • All things are bigger or smaller than each other
  • God is proportionately greater than all beings on earth
  • God causes our attributes like a good baker produces good bread
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2. What could a statement be to be possibly verifiable using the STRONG verification principle?

  • analytic but not synthetic
  • analytic (including mathematical), synthetic and true by confirmation of the senses.
  • mathematical and historical

3. Who originally formed the verification principle?

  • logical positivists, the Vienna Circle
  • A.J. Ayer

4. What is via negativa/ the apophatic way?

  • describing God in terms of what he is not
  • describing God negatively
  • describing what God is

5. What did Bultman mean by 'kerygma'

  • the true message or meaning
  • the secrets of the Bible
  • true facts


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