Topic 2 Relgion and social change

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1. Why did the New Christian Right fail as a movement for change?

  • They do not meet the beliefs about diversity in England
  • They do not meet the beliefs about diversity in America
  • They met the religion about diversity in Armenia
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2. Why did Hinduism not bring about Capitalism?

  • Because its ascetic but other-worldly
  • Because its ascetic but this worldly
  • Because its this worldly but not ascetic

3. How is religion a conservative force?

  • It enforces the policies of the Conservative Party
  • It mantains traditions
  • It renews traditions

4. How does religion legitimate capitalism?

  • By disguising patriarchy
  • By allowing false consciousness
  • By allowing class consciousness

5. What two characteristics of Calvinism are similar to those of Capitalism?

  • Ascetism and Predestination
  • Transcendence and self-denial
  • Teetotal and dedicated


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