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C. Plinius Calvisio suo S. (alutem dicit)
Gaius Pl. sends greating to his Calvisius
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assem para et accipe auream fabulam
give an as and take in return a golden story
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fabulas immo
no in fact stories
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nam me priorum nova admonuit
since a new alerts me to previous
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nec refert a qua incipiam
nor does it matter from which i begin
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Verania graviter iacebat
Verania was seriously ill
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ad hanc Regulus venit
Regulus came to her
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primum impudentiam hominis
first of all oh the sheer nerve of the man
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qui venerit ad aegram
who came to the sick woman
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cuius marito inimicissimus
to whose husband a very great enemy
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ipsi invisissmus fuerat!
to whom herself he had been most hateful!
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so be it
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si venit tantum
if he only came
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at ille etiam proximus toro sedit
but he even sat next to bed
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quo die, qua hora nata esset interrogavit
he asked he on which day and at what time she had been born
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ubi audivit
when he had heard her answer
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componit vultum
he contorts his face
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intendit oculos
he stares intently
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movet labra
he moves his lips
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agitat digitos
he moves his fingers quickly
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he calculates
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ubi diu miseram exspectatione suspendit
when he'd kept the wretched in suspense for a long time
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he said
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"habes, climactericum tempus. Sed evades. quod ut tibi magis liqueat, haruspicem consulam, quem frequenter expertus sum."
"You have/face a critical time, but you will escape it. So that this may be more clear to you I shall consult a fortune teller whom I have used frequently."
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sine mora
without delay
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sacrificium facit
he made a sacrifice
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affirmat exta cum si derum significatione congruere
he confirms that the entrails agree with the meaning of the stars
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illa, ut in periculo credula
she, being ready to believe as you would expect, she was in danger
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poscit testamentum
she demands her will
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legatum Regulo scribit
she writes a legacy to Regulus
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mox ingravescit
soon she gets more ill
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clamat moriens
she shouts, dying
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hominem scelestum perfidumque
that the man is evil and treacherous
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ac plus etiam quam periurum esse
and worst even than a perjoror
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qui sibi per salute filii perieravisset
because he had perjured himslef on the health of his son.
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facit hoc Regulus
Regulus does this
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non minus scelerate
no less wickedly
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quam frequenter
than often
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quod iram deorum, quos ipse cotidie fallit, in caput infelius pueri, detestatur.
because he calls down the anger of the gods, whom he himself deceives each day, on the head of his poor son.
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Velleius Balaesus, ille dives consularis
Velleius Balaesus, thst wealthy ex-consul
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novissima valetudine conflictabatur
was being afflicted by a terminal illness
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cupiebat mutare testamentum
he wanted to change his will
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Regulus, qui sperabat aliquid
Regulus, who was hoping for something
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ex novo testament
out of the new will
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quia nuper captare coeperat
because he had recently begun to win favour
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medicos hortar
he encouraged the doctors
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et rogare ut quoquo modo vitam hominis prorogarent
and asked them to prolong the man's life whatever way
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postquam signatum est testamentum
after the will had been signed
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mutat personam
he changed his tune
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vertit adlocutionem eisdemque medicis inquit
he changed his way of speaking and said to the same doctors
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"quousque, miserum cruciatis? cur invidetis bona morte, cui dare vitam non potestis?"
"For how long are you torturing the poor man? Why to you deny a pleasent death for whom you are not able to provide life?"
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moritur Blaesus et
Blaesus died and
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tamquam omnia audivisset
as though he had heard everything
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Regulo ne tantalum quidem
he gave not even the smallest bit to Regulus
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assem para et accipe auream fabulam


give an as and take in return a golden story

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fabulas immo


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nam me priorum nova admonuit


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nec refert a qua incipiam


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