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  • Regulus p1
    • assem para et accipe auream fabulam, fabulas immo
      • Get a penny ready and receive a golden story, rather stories
      • Chiasmus A,B,B,A - makes you want to read on- shows he is well educated and the story will be good
    • nam me priorum nova admonuit, nec refert a qua incipiam.
      • for the new stroy reminded me of earlier storues and it doesnt matter which i begin from
    • Verania graviter iacebat, ad hanc Regulus venit.
      • Verania was lying seriosly ill, Regulus came to her
    • primum impudentiam hominis, qui venerit ad aegram
      • First of all the shamelessness of the man, who came to a sick woman
      • impudentiam- exclamation
    • cuius marito inimicissimus, ipsi invisissimus fuerat
      • who was most hostile to her husband and had been very hateful to her herself
      • Crescendo of severity in 'issi' words
    • esto si venit tantum, at ille etiam proximus toro sedit
      • It would have been enough , if he only went to see her, but he also sat next to her bed
      • Esto - third person command, impatient
    • quo die, qua hora nata esset interrogavit
      • he asked on what day and at what hour she was born
    • ubi audivit, componit vultum, intendit oculos, movet labra, agitat digitos, computat. Nihil.
      • When he heard this, he composed his expression, he fixed his gaze, moved his lips, wiggled his fingers and he counted.Nothing.
      • historic present


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