Rag Desh- Anoushka Shankar

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Anoushka is a
pianist, conductor and sitar player
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her father is
a famous musicain
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this version was recorded
at a concert in 2001 in New York
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the two instruments used are
sitar and tabla
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A tabla is
A pair of drums named Bayan (left, lower, metal, larger), and Dayan (right, higher, wood, smaller)
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A sitar is
plucked string instrument with 7 strings
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name the two tals used
Tintal and jhaptal
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The tintal tal is
is a 16 beat cycle (4+4+4+4).
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jhaptal tal is
a 10 beat cycle (2+3+2+3).
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three sections of the piece
alap, gat and jhalla
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slow with no regular pulse, and is played by the sitar only.The melodic line introduces the notes and mood of the rag
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Both the sitar and the tabla improvise.The sitar's improvisation is based on gat and tabla's on the Tal, tempo increases towards the end of this section
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a fast tempo, and the sitar’s strings are strummed to create rhythmic excitement
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her father is


a famous musicain

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this version was recorded


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the two instruments used are


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A tabla is


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