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2. Delusions are a positive symptom of psychosis. Which statement best describes delusions...

  • Disorder of cognition, faulty interpretations of reality and a fixed belief with no factual evidence and not held by most people.
  • Disorder of perception. Distortions of real perceptual cues or perception in absence of external stimuli
  • Largely a result of disordered/fragmented thought creating a word salad and neologisms and clang associations.

3. Which of the following is NOT a type of delusion

  • Victim
  • Persecutory
  • Grandeur
  • Reference

4. What is Avolition?

  • Lack of pleasure of loss of interest in normally pleasurable/interesting things (e.g. good, sex, work)
  • Apathy; inability to initiate and persist in various activities
  • Relative absence in either the amount of content of speech

5. Prodromal is when...

  • Negative symptoms tend to persist more; may be some attenuated positive ones
  • Friends and family might notice strange behaviour; individual may want to be alone much of the time (negative symptoms)
  • When Sz is usually diagnosed and symptoms most severe or prominent


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