Psychology - memory

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1. What are the levels of processing?

  • Structual processing-Phonetic procesing- Semantic processing
  • Semantic processing-Phonetic processing-Structual processing
  • Reconstuctive processing-Phonetic processing-Structual processing
  • Semantic processing-Structual processing-Phonetic processing
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2. What is the flow of information in memory?

  • Retrieval-Storage-Encoding
  • Encoding-Storage-Retrieval
  • Storage-Encoding-Retrieval
  • Sensory-Retrieval-Storage

3. What is reconstructive memory?

  • Altering our recollection of things so that they make more sense to us.
  • information recieved later is recalled better than earlier information.
  • Recovering information from storage.
  • Changing informationn so that it can be stored.

4. What is the obvious practical application for the levels of processing?

  • Drecreases the ability to study well
  • Improves study skills
  • Improves speaking skills
  • Drecreases the ability to listte to instuctions

5. What are the practical applications for the multi storre explanation?

  • 7 chunks fo information - phone numbers/adresses
  • 6 chunks of information
  • 7 chunks of information- car number plates/postcodes
  • 5 chunks of information- car number plates/postcodes


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