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2. What is the behavioural explanation for schizophrenia?

  • Children behave oddly to gain attention, when they are given attention this reinforces the behaviour until they do not know how to stop
  • When Children behave badly.
  • Children retreat into their own world due to excessive punishment - Labelled as odd - Conform to label - Achieve identity - others reinforce - becomes exaggerated, frequent leading to sz
  • The view that children development schizophrenia because they act in bizarre ways and are avoided by their peer groups, this causes them to be isolated and begin making cognitive errors

3. WHat is the cognitive approach to schizophrenia?

  • Schizophrenics cognition is limited to an immature, infantile state
  • Faulty processing in brain leads to cognitive errors.
  • Schizophrenics brain cogs do not work together in harmony
  • Bad brain wiring

4. What is a flaw of the behaviourist approach to schizophrenia?

  • It presumes adults are the cause of children's mentality
  • It labels children as weird
  • Can mental illness be learnt? Surely not
  • It is silly

5. In the cognitive approach, what is the catatonic state caused by?

  • An inability to cope with deep psychological grief
  • An inability to filter out unnecessary sensory information
  • An inability to deal with upsetting thought processes
  • An inability to get out of bed in the morning


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