Psychological explanations of Schizophrenia

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1. In what piece of research has the cognitive approach for schizophrenia been used in a therapeutic manner?

  • Bateson et al
  • Browntrees
  • Yellowlees
  • Rowntrees
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2. WHat is the cognitive approach to schizophrenia?

  • Schizophrenics cognition is limited to an immature, infantile state
  • Faulty processing in brain leads to cognitive errors.
  • Schizophrenics brain cogs do not work together in harmony
  • Bad brain wiring

3. Who came up with research that supports the behaviourist approach to schizophrenia?

  • Ayllon and Azrin - token economy system
  • There is no research to support the approach.
  • Jaeger and Meister - token reward system
  • Ashtak and Aeorta - Token economy

4. What is a flaw of the behaviourist approach to schizophrenia?

  • It presumes adults are the cause of children's mentality
  • It labels children as weird
  • Can mental illness be learnt? Surely not
  • It is silly

5. Who formulated double bind theory?

  • Maverick
  • Heston et al
  • Bateson et al
  • Freud


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