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2. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS

  • HTTP requires an encryption key to access data
  • There is none
  • Https encrypts data where as http does not
  • https is not as safe as http

3. Define the role of HTTP

  • Defines the standard procedure used to create a website address
  • Controls the location of a website
  • Set of rules governing how hypertext is mover around the internet
  • Used when creating a website on the internet

4. When is SMTP used?

  • When sending a message from one server to another
  • When sending an email
  • When retrieving an email
  • When sending a written letter (I'm pretty sure it's this on *WINKS*)

5. What does HTTPS stand for?

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Simple
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  • High Text Transfer Protocol Secure
  • High Text Transfer Protocol Simple


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