1. what are the risks associated with entering severe turbulence

  • a decrease in the AOA could lead to a rapidly developing spiral dive as the aircraft can no longer sustain flight, this is known as clear air turbulence
  • sudden pitch changes may cause passengers and crew to be sick
  • an increase in the angle of attack could lead to a higher stall speed than expected due to the critical angle of attack being exceeded
  • the load factor being exerted on the aircraft causing lims to be breached
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2. which of the following air masses is most likely to lead to warm and dry conditions in the UK

  • pol mar
  • trop con
  • pol con
  • trop mar

3. vis is likely to be reduced the most in which of the following

  • +SN
  • RA
  • -DZ
  • GS

4. when observing a warm front passing

  • the temperature will rise
  • the cloud base will rise
  • the pressure will rise
  • the temperature will fall

5. which of the following correctly defines ISA conditions

  • QFE 1013, 1225gm/m3
  • 15 degrees at sea level, QNH 1013
  • 15 degrees at sea level with a temperature decrease of 2 degrees per 3000ft
  • QNH 1225 QFE 1013


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