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2. Which one of these does the embryo not consist of?

  • Radicle
  • Ovule
  • Plumule
  • Cotyledons

3. What becomes the fruit?

  • Embryo sac
  • Ovary
  • Fertilised ovule
  • Outer integument

4. What is the function of the tube nucleus?

  • Fuses with 2 nuclei in the ovule to form the endosperm
  • Fuses with the micropyle to form the fruit
  • Fuses with a sperm nuclei to form the egg
  • Fuses with the ovary to form the testa

5. What type/how many cells are produced when a mother cell undergoes meiosis?

  • Zygotes - 3
  • Microspores - 4
  • Micropyles - 4
  • Endosperms - 3




There are some errors in here, the Tube nucleus in the pollen grain controls the growth of the pollen tube before disintegration.

It is the generative nucleus which consists of the two male nuclei. One of these fuses with the polar nucleus to form the triploid endosperm tissues which will become the endosperm and the other fuses with the oosphere to divide by mitosis to become the embryo.

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