Advantages and disadvantages to the elm propagation and text book answers.

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Textbook questions.

  • Asexual reprodcution is quicker than sexual reproduction because asexual reproduction doesn't require the development of sex organs. The cells don't need to be transferred to another individual.
  • The advantages for reproducing sexually for the elm tree is that sexual reproduction will lead to an offspring portraying genetic variation.
    • This has long-term advantages for the species because it will be able to adapt to changes in the environment.
  • An advantage for reproducing asexually is that reproduction can still occur even if the other species is not close by, or if production of seeds fails.
  • Asexual reproduction is described as vegetative propogation because asexual reproduction in plants uses vegetative structures.
  • Select the plants that are most resistant to Dutch elm disease. Deprieve them from water and allow them to experience severe damage. In turn they will produce more suckers. Seperate the plantelets produced by suckers. They will all be resistant as they are all clones of the resistant plants.
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