Pilgrimage of Grace: events, causes and significance

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1. Which is NOT an example of why the PoG wasn't a significant threat?

  • unrest didn't subside
  • lack of unity among rebels
  • Henry made promises as a tactic to disperse rebels
  • Reformation continued
  • dissolution continued
  • rebels were naive and willing to negotiate with King
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2. Pardon 1536, promise of parliament in the North, scale of rising, subsidy not collected.

  • These are all successes of the PoG
  • These are all failures of the PoG

3. What was the main religious cause of the Pilgrimage of Grace?

  • Neglect of monks and clergy
  • Dissolution of the Monasteries
  • Abolition of Holy days

4. Was this a Protestant or Catholic rebellion?

  • Catholic
  • Protestant

5. Dissolution continued, massacre at Carlisle 1537, Parliament in North never met, Reformation continued.

  • These are all failures of the PoG
  • These are all successes of the PoG


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