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1. A reflective essay is different from a formal academic essay only in that it:

  • Does not make use of academic literature
  • Uses descriptions of personal experience
  • Is not organised to demonstrate an argument
  • Uses colloquial language
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2. Ethics is the set of principles and guidelines that help us to uphold the things we value.

  • True
  • False

3. Interviewing all members of a population is called...

  • Survey
  • Census
  • Neilsen Audit
  • Sample

4. Conducting a survey of students to see what percentage of them have an Instagram account, would be an example of...?

  • Primary, Quantitative Research
  • None of these
  • Secondary, Quantitative Research
  • Primary, Qualitative Research

5. Which of the following sources is most likely to be the most reliable?

  • A Newspaper article
  • A relevant chapter from a text book
  • A peer reviewed research article
  • A TV documentary


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