Physics- Electricity and energy.

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What are the eight types of energy? Remember, sleckteg!
Sound, light, electrical, chemical, kinetic, thermal, elastic and gravitational .
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What's sound energy?
Anything noisy gives off sound energy.
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Light energy?
Anything luminous gives off light energy.
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Electrical energy?
wherever there's a current flowing, there's electrical energy. It's easily converted into other forms.
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Chemical energy?
Anything with stored energy which can be released by a chemical reaction.
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Kinetic energy?
Anything that moves has kinetic energy.
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Thermal energy?
Anything with a temperature above absolute zero(-273 degrees) has heat energy. The hotter something is, the more heat energy it has.
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Elastic energy?
Anything stretched has elastic energy.
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Gravitational potential energy?
Anything above the ground has potential energy. e.g anything that can fall like ski jumpers and planes.
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What is a series circuit?
The components are connected to each other in one loop.
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What's a parallel circuit?
The components are connected in branches.
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True or false: The current is always the same in a series circuit.
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True or false: The current is used up in a circuit.
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Why do thin wires have low resistance?
Because not as many electrons can flow through them.
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A small current in a circuit makes bulbs...
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Which type of wire will have the most resistance: long or short?
Long because the current has further to travel.
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What component can be used to reduce the current in a circuit?
A resister.
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What happens when more bulbs are added in a parallel circuit?
The resistance get smaller, so the current gets bigger.
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What do we measure current in?
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What's a short circuit?
A short cut for the current.
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Why would a current prefer to go through a wire than a bulb?
The wire gives much less resistance to the flow.
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Heat is transferred only if there's a...
temperature difference.
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Where does most of the energy come from?
The sun.
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What type of energy resources will run out?
Non- renewable energy resources such as fossil fuels.
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What type of energy resources won't run out?
Renewable energy resources such as wind power, biomass and solar power.
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Anything noisy gives off sound energy.

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Light energy?


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Electrical energy?


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Chemical energy?


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