All that Glitters :)


All that Glitters

Elements are simple substances- they can not be split up in chemical reactions. ATOMS are the smallest particles of elements that can exist. All the atoms in an element are the same. Each element has its own chemical symbol. Eg oxygen - O . They are all shown in the periodic table.

  Some elements have their atoms joined together  in small groups called molecules! Oxygen is an example.

 Elements can join together to make compounds. a compound contains two or more elements joined together by bonds. The name of the compound tells you the elements that are in it. Compounds with two elements always have names that end in -ide.

 Many compounds exist as atoms attached together in small groups - molecules.

  A compound always contains elements in the same ratio! The chemical formula of a compound tells you the ratio of atoms of each element that are bonded together. For compounds that are molecules it tells you


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