1. When the electrons pass down the ECT, what do the electrons lose and why?

  • Energy because each carrier is at a lower energy level than the previous one in the chain
  • Nothing
  • Oxygen because they are being reduced
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2. What are the two main products of the LDR?

  • oxygen and reduced NADP
  • Reduced FADP and ATP
  • Reduced NADP and ATP
  • ATP and oxygen

3. What is TP then converted into?

  • Rubisco
  • Organic substances or regenerated into RuBP
  • Water
  • Organic substances and oxygen

4. Where does photosynthesis take place?

  • In the chloroplasts in the roots
  • In the chloroplasts in the leaf
  • In the mitochondria in the leaf
  • In the nucleus in the leaf

5. How can the rate of photosynthesis be measured?

  • By measuring how much water has been produced
  • By calculating how much oxygen has been taken up
  • By measuring the volume of oxygen produced
  • By calculating how much carbon dioxide has been taken up


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