Factors affecting photosynthesis

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Factors affecting photosynthesis


  • Complete darkness
  • Provide light
  • Add more light
  • At this point some other factor is in short supply
  • Add more CO2
  • Further increases in CO2
  • Then another factor such as temperature becomes the limiting factor


  • The absence of light stops photosynthesis from occurring, no matter how much temperature and CO2 conc are altered.
  • Rate of photosynthesis will increase.
  • Rate increases further but not indefinitely.
  • For example CO2 may now be the limiting factor.
  • Rate increases
  • No effect on rate of photosynthesis
  • only by changing the temp, will the rate of photosynthesis change

Overall summary

Photosynthesis is made up of a series of small reactions, so the slowest of these reactions will determine the overall rate of photosynthesis.The level of factors such as temperature and supply of raw materials also determines the speed of each step. The law of limiting factors is expressed as:                       At any given moment, the rate of a physiological process is limited by the factor that is at its least favourable value.


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