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6. When chlorophyll absorbs light energy, it decreases the energy of a pair of electrons

  • False
  • True

7. (1)_________ from the LDR is used to reduce GP to (2)___ using energy supplied by (3)_____

  • (1) Oxygen (2) HP (3) light
  • (1) Reduced NADP (2) TP (3) ATP
  • (1) Reduced NAD (2) TP (3) ATP
  • (1) ATP (2) TP (3) Reduced NADP

8. What adaptations of the leaf make it suitable for photosynthesis?

  • Large surface area, thin, non-overlapping, numerous stomata, air spaces in mesophyll, xylem
  • Small surface area, thick, over-lapping, few stomata, no air spaces in mesophyll, no xylem

9. What is the chemiosmotic theory?

  • Protons are pumped into the thylakoid space, water moves into the thylakoid space
  • Thylakoid space has high conc. of protons, protons transported into stroma through ATP synthase channel, producing ATP
  • Water is transported into the stroma through the ATP synthase channel, producing ATP
  • Stroma has high conc. of protons, protons transported into thylakoid space via ATP synthase channel

10. What is the enzyme which catalyses the reaction between carbon dioxide and RuBP, and what does this produce?

  • Rubisco and 2x GP
  • Rubisco and 2x TP
  • Rubisco and 1xGP
  • Rubisco and oxygen

11. Where does the Light-Dependent reaction take place?

  • Cytoplasm
  • Thylakoids
  • Mitochondria
  • Stroma

12. Where does the Light-Independent Reaction take place?

  • Thylakoid space
  • Stroma
  • Thylakoid membrane

13. Where does photosynthesis take place?

  • In the chloroplasts in the roots
  • In the chloroplasts in the leaf
  • In the mitochondria in the leaf
  • In the nucleus in the leaf

14. When the electrons pass down the ECT, what do the electrons lose and why?

  • Energy because each carrier is at a lower energy level than the previous one in the chain
  • Nothing
  • Oxygen because they are being reduced

15. What are the two main products of the LDR?

  • ATP and oxygen
  • Reduced NADP and ATP
  • Reduced FADP and ATP
  • oxygen and reduced NADP