P&C TB8 Lecture 2; Biological motion perception

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1. What area is V5 connected to with more complex response properties?

  • Medial Superior Temporal Sulcus
  • V1
  • Inferior temporal gyrus
  • Left Inferior temporal gyrus
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2. Do V5 cells show colour selectivity?

  • No
  • Yes

3. Which has larger receptive fields?

  • V2
  • V5
  • V1
  • V4

4. Complex biological motion influences simple motion processing, seen through which stimuli?

  • Backscroll illusion
  • Ponzo illusion
  • Pattern masking
  • Rey figure copy

5. With a SHORT inter-simulus interval?

  • Biologically implausible, seen as object like and there is activity in object processing areas
  • Biologically plausible, seen as biological motion and activation in related areas


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