Organisational life cycle

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1. Which leadership style is best for the Entrepreneurial phase?

  • Lesaiz faire - to let the company evolve naturally
  • Bureaucratic - to ensure the company follows a clear structure
  • Autocratic or Transactional - to make decisions quickly
  • Democratic - to get the support of all the workers
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2. What MUST a leader be aware of during the Elaboration stage?

  • Quality control systems
  • Signs of decline
  • Product quality
  • The stock market

3. Potential problems in the Entrepreneurial phase?

  • Lack of staff
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack of creativity

4. Which stage starts with creativity and requires leadership

  • Elaboration Stage
  • Collectivity Stage
  • Entrepreneurial Stage
  • Formalisation Stage

5. Things to maintain during the Formalisation stage?

  • Motivation, Communication & Innovation
  • Development, Creativity & Patience
  • Communication, Cash flow & Structure
  • Passion, Determination & Discipline


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