Nevado del Ruiz

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Nevado del Ruiz Country
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Date of eruption
November 1985
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Costs of damages
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Type of volcano
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Created by subduction of:
Nazca underneath continental South American plate
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How long had it been dormant for
150 years
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Primary Effects:
Nuées ardentes (hot clouds of ash and gas), Magma t
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How many killed
23 000 mainly from being buried in homes
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How many injured
5 000
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How many homes destroyed
5 000
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Lahore were up to ____metres deep
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Why were Lahars so bad
Temp was breeding ground door bacteria. Some with minor cuts killed by subsequent infections.
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Why was rescue difficult?
Roads were blocked
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What did survivors suffer
Psychological trauma
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Speed of lahars
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Many buildings...
were not strong enough to withstand weight of ash and collapsed
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People had
little time to evacuate as the volcano erupted violently
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Date of eruption


November 1985

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Costs of damages


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Type of volcano


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Created by subduction of:


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