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2. Which of these was not a youth opposition group?

  • Swing Youth
  • White Rose Group
  • Hitler Youth
  • Edelweiss Pirates

3. How much did Germany have to pay to the Allies in reparations following the Treaty of Versailles?

  • £6.6 billion
  • £66 billion
  • £6.6 million
  • £6,600

4. Which of these areas was occupied by French and Belgian troops in 1923?

  • Northeim
  • The Ruhr
  • The Saarland
  • The Rhineland

5. The Kapp Putsch (March 1920) was led by whom?

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Karl Liebknecht
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Wolfgang Kapp
  • Rosa Luxemburg


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once again a quiz that doesn't give you the answers who do you think I am? A know it all? I think not!

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